What is Partial dentures?

What are partial dentures? - Dentures  May 7, 2015 – 12:32 am
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A partial denture usually refers to a removable replacement for some missing teeth in an arch, upper or lower jaw.

The "partial" can be made of all acrylic, acrylic with stainless steel clasps, acrylic with strengthening chrome-cobalt framework embedded it and acrylic bases for the teeth areas with supporting chrome-cobalt framework and retention clasps. Flexible partial dentures are also available that are made with a special light strong and flexible acrylic. These, although light and often esthetic, are difficult to repair, and may not be the best choice for a variety of reasons.

The teeth that are used on a partial denture are usually plastic and come in a variety of shapes, colors and quality.

It is best to discuss the options for treatment with your dentist.

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...and similar materials are vinyl-based denture materials. To my knowledge they are not used for crowns and fixed bridges--and would be far too soft to use for this purpose.
The rationale for Valplast is that clasp-like extensions of the denture base can be made to snap over the teeth. They can be pink (to match the gum) or white (to match the teeth). What you gain compared to traditional acrylic-based dentures is that you don't use metal clasps in a cosmetically critical area.
You do however sacrifice some stability when compared to partial dentures with cast metal frames


Sometimes a bone graft is necessary to get adequate retention and stability for a full denture. Generally this is unnecessary for partial dentures--this dentist may have a rationale, but you haven't told me enough to say I agree with this dentist.
I've already told you I don't particularly care for Valplast, so unless you specifically told the dentist you wish to avoid the metal clasps, I wouldn't let this dentist push you into a Valplast partial you may not require.
I'm inclined to advise you to go to another dentist for another opinion.
S. Bornfeld, DDS

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