Price of partial dentures

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Urgent dental repairs

No appointment necessary - we guarantee to repair your broken denture ASAP

Denture repair prices: $120 plus

World's First - Digital Dentures Have Arrived in New Zealand

  • Great news for everyone who wears dentures with the arrival of Digital dentures!New technology has given dental practitioners us an amazing opportunity for all denture wearers that saves you time and money.We are proud to be associated with this ground breaking technology that delivers a perfect set of full upper and lower dentures in just under three visits.Our specially trained technicians will explain how this technology works using laser scanners and computer design software.

Full (Complete) Upper and Lower Dentures

  • Every individual has specific and particular requirements for their dentures. We combine the latest technology,premium quality materials,significant education and experience to achieve the best results. Every denture is a piece of artwork & we take pride in delivering optimal results.
  • Several different categories of dentures are offered. Factors to consider include patient specific anatomy & physiology,gender,condition of lower ridge/gums,quality of materials,etc,etc. A no-obligation consultation will allow us to provide detailed quotes.
  • Cost of Dentures: $2, 195 plus

Dental Implant Dentures

  • We are constantly working with greater Wellingtons leading Dentists and Oral Surgeons to develop implant supported dentures. This is the crème-de-la-crème of lower denture treatments.Biting appleImplants are very effective in retaining an otherwise non retentive denture.
  • Titanium "screw(s)" are placed into holes drilled into the bone to approximate the ideal position from which they can support the denture(s). After several months,the titanium has integrated (attached) into the bone,and the implant is then uncovered and a post which "pokes" through the gums into the mouth is attached to the implant. The post(s) support an attachment for a denture. The dentures that fit over implants are considerably more expensive than standard dentures; they offer the added advantage of allowing upper dentures to be built in the shape of an arch instead of having to cover the entire palate. This is of special significance to people who otherwise cannot wear full dentures because they make them gag.
  • Dental implant dentures are highly recommended for people who cannot wear lower dentures. As a toothless person ages,and the bone continues to shrink away,lower ridges frequently disappear entirely. The end result is no vertical bone underlying the gums to stabilize a lower denture. Sadly,these people frequently cannot wear a lower denture at all. The addition of two implants in the front of the lower jaw can make it possible to retain a lower denture which would otherwise be impossible for the patient to tolerate. The image on the right below shows a pair of ball attachments on implants. The denture that fits over them is shown in the image on the left.
  • Cost of Dental Implant Dentures: On application.


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Partials for senior citizen help.

$500 is cheapest partial i could find . regular they want $1500. the $500 one was from a dentist who had his own in house lab.
if your friend could travel in mexico or tijuana they are real cheap. thailand and india are the cheapest your $200 would cover them plus some money back i bet.
try looking up mobil dental labs on internet. i found one the guy goes to your house and nursing homes . he wanted $565 for set of full dentures. thats good price. my friend paid $1500 at dental school.
i bet her church members would chip in and get her the partial if they knew her situation

Affordable Dentures

I used a high priced "normal" dentist and OS to get all but 6 teeth removed and dentures placed. The fit from them was "iffy" at best. I then went to Affordable Dentures (in Winchester VA) to get my permanent ones and the fit is AWESOME and the price was even better. It is amazing to me that what took my "normal dentist" 8 weeks to get back with such an ill fit was achieved in one DAY at AD with a perfect top it off, I paid less for my full upper and partial lower by HALF of what I was going to pay for just the upper alone. AD is a "big box" type of deal, but dentures are all they do

I can identify with everything

You're saying. I put off good dental work for a long time and now I'm paying the price. I considered dentures as well, but was convinced to keep my real teeth (as much as possible). I was skeptical, but I've found a truly WONDERFUL place to go - the UOP Dental School - and I trust them enough to be convinced. Am in the middle of Orthodontics treatment now, and can say I'm completely satisified with the care I'm getting. I'm going to end up with a partial bridge for a couple of the lowers, but I'm pretty sure that that will be much less hassle than full dentures would have been.
BTW, their fees are about 3/5ths of retail, and they are TOTALLY understanding of dento-phobics like us


I was thinking of getting dentures replaced by a completely implanted appliance. I've had the rundown on how it works, where they put screws in to the bone top and bottom (and have been told my bone and gums are great for this kind of thing) but I was wondering if anyone that looked into or had this done can tell me what a reasonable price for this is? I kind of have an idea of what an unreasonable price is... I'm interested in cost for complete or partial or even single tooth. And any insurance info/ tips, if you are lucky enough to have any is appreciated.
T. I. A.

Friend had this done

She turned out to have severe osteoporsis though. Now she is afraid the implants will weaken due to the weak bone structure throughout her body. I guess that is why her teeth became so loose in the first place. However, so far her teeth have held securely. She had it done about a year and a half ago.
I opted for having teeth pulled instead of implants... and I now have a partial. I love my partial. Feels like my real teeth only BETTER! By the way, I had my partial made by a denturist in Oregon. They specialize in making dentures and for half the price of regular dentists

Precision work for partial dentures : a technical manual for office and laboratory
Book (Distributor for USA: Swiss Dentistry Distributors)

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