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Partial Dentures

This series of pictures of dentures is meant to illustrate the different types of denture available today. It is not an exhaustive list of denture photos, but I hope it provides some information for those of you wondering what a denture looks like, or what the different types of denture look like.

Full dentures. These are pictures of dentures where there are no natural teeth left, and the denture is what we call a "full" denture. You can see that as well as just replacing the teeth, there is also gum-colored acrylic that sits over the gums, and holds the teeth in place. It also can replace some of the gum where the gum has shrunk. This helps to build up a " fallen in "appearance, by pushing out the lips and cheeks into their normal positions.

Partial dentures. These are dentures that replace some missing teeth, where you still have natural teeth. Partial dentures are usually held in place by small clips or clasps. These look like little bits of wire that wrap around a natural tooth, gripping it firmly.

Above are acrylic-based denture photos.

Below is the cast chrome cobalt framework for a partial denture without any teeth on it yet. This is a trial stage, for checking, before the teeth are added. A chrome cobalt frame can be made much thinner than an acrylic denture base and it is stronger too.

The next pictures of dentures show a very sophisticated partial denture, which has small hidden attachments to hold it in place, rather than clasps or wires. The attachments are the little yellow tubes visible on the left and right of the denture.

The little wings next to the yellow attachments fit very precisely and snugly around crowns ("caps") on the natural teeth. This arrangement makes the denture as small and neat as it is possible to make it.

Here are 2 denture photos of the other side;

Below are some pictures of implant-supported dentures. The first picture shows the dental laboratory plaster model with replicas of the implants in the front of a lower jaw. The denture will fit over the jaw bone and over the implants, and be held in place by the implants. The second picture shows the inner side of the denture. Tiny screws will be fitted inside the holes, and anchor the denture to the implants.

You can read more about this type of denture at the page.

Finally, here are some photos of a Telescope Denture. This is a denture that looks similar to a normal full denture from the outside, but underneath, on the inside, there are several teeth that are hollowed out and lined with a very slim metal sleeve.

These metal sleeves are called the "outer telescopes". These fit over the "inner telescopes" which are fitted to 2 to 4 remaining teeth in the mouth.

Because the inner telescopes are very precisely milled to match the inside surface of the outer telescopes, they fit very snugly and hold the denture very securely in place.


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Partial Dentures

I recently got a partial upper denture for one front tooth that is missing.
Any suggestions? I can't eat well in it, it shifts a little. My dentist says I have to get used to it, as it fits as well as it's going to. But I've been taking it out when I eat, and only wearing it outside the house.
I have managed to stop drooling and talking with a slurr. And I've been brushing it with tooth paste and water.
Any tips on how to make this stupid thing more enjoyable. I don't have insurance, I'm making payments now to my dentist for this thing, so a bridge or implant is not an option now.

Isn't there something called a "partial"?

It's something like wearing dentures, only it's for one tooth. Of course wearing a denture has all it's own shortcomings, like they have to be taken out and replaced daily along with the cleaning and messy adhesives. And they aren't always comfortable. That's why people get an implant or bridge. But the partial may be the cheapest option.

One problem is a corrupt system

Why find a cure for anything when you can make billions on suppressing the symptoms
Dentist why would they want a cure for no cavities or periodontal disease ?
If your teeth rot or the bone goes from bacteria --- hey they make money drilling filling pulling root canals partial dentures implants crowns posts etc. etc.
Also the dentists are too busy making the cash flow they don't have the mindset to be a pioneer and make new inroads
The dental implant came from Harry James the trumpet player. His dentist as a favor to him figured out a way with an implant to help harry out when he lost his tooth

Mosby McCracken's Removable Partial Prosthodontics , 12e
Book (Mosby)

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