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Partial Dentures: Photos  June 27, 2015 – 10:33 am
Photograph of a person with a few teeth missing A precision attachment on a crown covering the adjacent tooth Illustration showing how a precision attachment works
This person needs a partial denture to replace some missing teeth, but can retain the natural teeth that are still there.Photograph of two types of partial dentures These partial dentures, which have a clasp attachment, will replace the missing teeth.Photograph of partial denture with clasp attachment in mouth
Partial dentures with a clasp attachment in the patient's mouth. The metal of the clasps is visible, but will not show during everyday activities.Photograph of partial denture with precision attachment in mouth A partial denture with a precision attachment in a patient's mouth. The attachment is not visible. A precision attachment on a crown covers the tooth next to the missing teeth.
A precision attachment on a crown covering the tooth next to the missing teeth. This shows how an attachment on the denture would slide into the crowned tooth. If this were a real denture, the denture teeth would be blocking the view of the attachment.


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Partial Dentures

I recently got a partial upper denture for one front tooth that is missing.
Any suggestions? I can't eat well in it, it shifts a little. My dentist says I have to get used to it, as it fits as well as it's going to. But I've been taking it out when I eat, and only wearing it outside the house.
I have managed to stop drooling and talking with a slurr. And I've been brushing it with tooth paste and water.
Any tips on how to make this stupid thing more enjoyable. I don't have insurance, I'm making payments now to my dentist for this thing, so a bridge or implant is not an option now.

Isn't there something called a "partial"?

It's something like wearing dentures, only it's for one tooth. Of course wearing a denture has all it's own shortcomings, like they have to be taken out and replaced daily along with the cleaning and messy adhesives. And they aren't always comfortable. That's why people get an implant or bridge. But the partial may be the cheapest option.

One problem is a corrupt system

Why find a cure for anything when you can make billions on suppressing the symptoms
Dentist why would they want a cure for no cavities or periodontal disease ?
If your teeth rot or the bone goes from bacteria --- hey they make money drilling filling pulling root canals partial dentures implants crowns posts etc. etc.
Also the dentists are too busy making the cash flow they don't have the mindset to be a pioneer and make new inroads
The dental implant came from Harry James the trumpet player. His dentist as a favor to him figured out a way with an implant to help harry out when he lost his tooth

Mosby McCracken's Removable Partial Prosthodontics , 12e
Book (Mosby)

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