Partial Dentures before and after

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Acrylic Removable Partial Denture Before PhotoAcrylic Removable Partial Denture

Before: This patient had a very loose front tooth. Molds were taken of his teeth and sent to a dental lab to make an immediate acrylic removable partial denture, “flipper”, before the tooth was scheduled to be removed.

After: The same day the tooth came out, the flipper was placed in the mouth. Similar to a retainer, this device is removable and is held in place by the backs of the remaining teeth.Acrylic Removable Partial Denture After Photo

Enamel Microabrasion

Brown, yellow, or white spots may be superficial and can be removed in one appointment. This conservative procedure, requires no anesthetic while a compound in placed on the teeth to remove the stain. Many patients choose to whiten after enamel microabrasion to improve the overall appearance of the teeth.Enamel Microabrasion Before Photo

Enamel Recontouring

Before: This patient had chipped and jagged edges on his front teeth.

After: We did enamel recontouring on his front teeth to even out the edges. This is a simple procedure that involves smoothing the tooth enamel, no filling material is added.

Implant Example 1

Before: This patient lost a tooth due to a crack. To replace it, a single implant was placed where the tooth was removed. After healing, an abutment was placed on the implant, that is what you are seeing in this photo.

After: A conventional crown is then cemented onto the abutment.Enamel Recontouring Before Photo This crown is now used just like a natural tooth.

Implant Example 2

Before: This patient had difficulty wearing his lower denture. Two implants were placed and allowed to heal under his old denture before placing abutments onto the implants as you see here.

After: Now his denture snaps onto the implants securing it in place .

Maryland Bridge

Before: This patient was missing a front tooth. There were no restorations on the teeth next to the space and the patient wanted an appliance that did not come out. A Maryland bridge is a conservative bridge that uses metal or ceramic “wings” that are cemented on to the back of the adjacent teeth.

After: The Maryland Bridge is cemented in place. By using a ceramic material, we do not have any metal show-through on the adjacent teeth.

Periodontal Disease: Scaling and Root Planing

Before: This patient had not been in to see the dentist for quite some time and had a heavy build-up of tartar and plaque on her teeth. She was diagnosed with periodontal disease and needed scaling and root planing or a “deep cleaning” to treat the disease. In this photo, we have completed the scaling and root planing on the lower right quadrant. Notice how healthy the gum tissue looks.

After: This photo was taken after the scaling and root planing has been completed on the lower arch. The patient said her gums felt much healthier and she had very minimal bleeding when brushing and flossing the bottom teeth compared to the top teeth.

Porcelain Crowns

Before: This patient had old composite bonding on his front tooth that had fractured. He was missing enough tooth structure that we decided to place a porcelain crown to protect the tooth from future breakage.

Enamel Microabrasion After Photo Enamel Recontouring After Photo Implant Before Photo Implant After Photo


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Crooked Dentist???? Help!!!!!

My top front tooth/crown (#9)broke off below gum line back in march. Dentist told me to keep Krazy gluing daily the crown/tooth back until he gets authorization from my insurance company for a bridge about in 2 weeks. A week later it could no longer be glued back into place. He then scheduled me for an extraction of what was left of the tooth. Few days later it was extracted along with #2 and he told me to return in two weeks after healing to get impressions done for a Valplast partial denture. When I returned hoping to get this partial denture ASAP he told me he couldnt do the impressions because I needed crowns on #14 and #15 first

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