Free partial Dentures

Metal-free Partial Dentures | Comfort Dentistry  July 22, 2015 – 03:47 pm

Nobody has to know that you're missing teeth!

partial denture 300x254 Metal free Partial Dentures Valplast flexible partial dentures are a comfortable, beautiful and affordable choice.

It was long thought that removable partial dentures had to be rigid to be effective. The innovation of the Valplast Flexible Partial allows the restoration to adapt to the constant movement and flexibility in your mouth. This is the underlying thinking behind Valplast's innovative and removable flexible partial denture. The flexibility, combined with strength and light weight, provides total comfort and great looks!

Valplast partials are custom-fabricated in a dental laboratory. They are a prescription only product and your dentist can help you decide if they're right for you. The preparation is relatively simple because your natural teeth don't need to be altered in any way. The Valplast partial is virtually invisible because there are no telltale metal clasps, and the material itself blends with the tissue in your mouth so that the only thing that shows is your beautiful smile.

When considering a removable partial, many people find the Valplast Flexible Partial to be the most comfortable option, and the final restoration can be made very quickly! While the cost is often higher than a partial made with visible metal clasps, the results of the flexible partial are beautiful, and patient satisfaction is very high. The Valplast Flexible Partial involves only non-invasive procedures, and gives you confidence in your restoration while talking, eating and most importantly, smiling!

Valplast Partial Dentures are:

  • Comfortable
  • Non-invasive
  • Affordable
  • Lifetime-guaranteed*
  • Virtually invisible
  • Against breakage and fracture of the base (Valplast) material.


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Not looking for a freebie!

I was simply asking for opinions about implants and/or a crown & bridge. I know that I am covered to get partial dentures, but wanted to weigh other options and was hoping someone here had gone thru the same thing. Alot of dentists in my area will put you on a monthly payment plan for expensive procedures. I will continue to go the clinic for free care for fillings, cleanings, etc. I pay for healthcare thru the state of MA which makes me eligible for free dental care as my employer does not provide it.

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