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Self-guided Instructional Material: Fixed Partial Denture - publication  January 11, 2013 – 12:53 pm
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Self-guided Instructional Material: Fixed Partial Denture is a self-contained learning material. It is designed primarily for dental students in pre clinical program as they learn and develop their skills in tooth preparation for fixed partial denture. It contains the outline of the step by step procedures as well as photos that easily guide learners as they practice the skill. It also provides learners information regarding the clinical implications of the procedure, thereby providing context and relevance. The use of this material is most beneficial for students who are new to the procedure, and wants to learn at own pace. It is also designed for faculty members to use the material to augment their teaching resources for students. Both student and faculty can download and print the material and use as a guide in learning fixed partial denture preparation.



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My solution that I use to use.....

A dentist once told me that when your in pain like that, it's because you have an infection and prescibed antibiocicts. The anibioticts kill the infection and the pain goes away! He told me that is why most of his clients NEVER return to him to have teeth pulled, cause they no longer have pain.
My self and my family live on antibiocticts for that very reason. Yes, it's only a temperaley solution, but it works for us.
As far as your partial goes (and MY dentures) I have used a dremel tool (from home depot) to do any adjustments on my denture just to make them wear more comfortuable

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