Are partial dentures comfortable

Natural Removable Partial Dentures | Cosmetic Dentistry  June 5, 2015 – 05:51 am

Partial DenturesImplants,crowns and bridges,although preferred treatment plans,are not always a viable option for patients. Dr Miller has been offering Equipoise Partials to his patients as an alternative for many years. The Equipoise partial denture system is designed for comfort while preserving and protecting your remaining teeth when a partial denture is required.

The Equipoise semi-precision "E" clasp and precision "C" & "L" clasp are specifically designed to distribute chewing pressure more evenly and at a better angle on neighboring teeth than other types of partials. This makes Equipoise more comfortable and stable.equipoise_partialsThe well balanced pressure distribution also prevents excessive movement and better protects your remaining teeth from undue stress. You can eat the foods you like without worry.

The Equipoise Parial Denture allows you to smile naturally because there are no visible clasps. The clasping system is properly engineered to fit on the inside of your teeth the so that no one can tell you are wearing a partial. What's more,Equipoise can be used in conjunction with custom crowns to make your smile look even more natural.


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Do You Wear Dentures? Are They Comfortable?

I'm in my 50's and my teeth have gone to hell. I wear a full upper denture, but my dentist advised against going with a full lower as in his words, "You'll hate it." So he leaves 5 teeth in and sets me up with a partial that is not working out AT ALL. It won't stay in place EVER, denture cream doesn't work, and before I go ahead with the permenent ($2,000 more dollars) I'm thinking of having him pull the last 5 and go with a full lower. What is YOUR experience? Someone once told me its the only way to can take a dump, read the paper and clean your teeth all at the same time!

Dont stress over it! I think you're just feeling

Guilt about what you said.
You said your Mom's friend didn't have dentures and that your Mom IS getting dentures.
We Moms are tougher than you think. Our kids can say things and get away with it without crushing our spirit.
Just don't be pushy about it like asking to see her teeth! Mom or not, she doesn't want you looking at her bad teeth!
When my Mom went through it, it was ... she first gets them and will take her a little while to be comfortable with them so if she doesn't invite you to eat for a little while, it doesn't mean she's thinking of what you said!
If it's just her front teeth, it will be a partial and they are much easier to adjust to than full blown dentures but she will still have an adjustment period trying to figure out how to eat different foods

I'm midway through implants process

I had three implants inserted in January. Dentist and specialist jointly determined (by x-ray) that there was enough remaining bone to take the implants. (I hope they're right!) I've seen the dentist for checks on three occasions thus far and he tells me they look fine. They'll take more x-rays late May to see if there's been sufficient growth of bone over and around the implants (i.e., "ossification") and if so, will proceed to the creation of crowns and/or a fixed bridge; I'm still not sure what we're talking about there.
Right now I'm dealing with a partial denture (which I hate) to keep teeth from spreading out any more than they already have

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