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What are acrylic partial dentures?
Acrylic dentures are arguably the oldest dentures in the market. They can be used to replace missing teeth and prevent creation of spaces between the remaining teeth due to drifting or moving. Acrylic partial dentures also improve speech and make chewing more comfortable. They are low in cost and require a shorter time to fabricate. Acrylic partial dentures are made up of pink sets of replacement teeth or gum-colored acrylic resin. Metal rests are sometimes used to prevent the acrylic partial denture from exerting excess pressure on the gums while chewing. The disadvantage of acrylic dentures is that they may be thick and bulky as acrylic is relatively weak, and therefore requires more material to make it stronger.

What are metal frame partial dentures?How do they attach to my other teeth?What are precision attachments and how are other dentures attached?What are flexible partials?What is a flipper?After tooth extractions, what needs to happen before the permanent removable partials can be fitted?Do partial dentures have crowns?

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...and similar materials are vinyl-based denture materials. To my knowledge they are not used for crowns and fixed bridges--and would be far too soft to use for this purpose.
The rationale for Valplast is that clasp-like extensions of the denture base can be made to snap over the teeth. They can be pink (to match the gum) or white (to match the teeth). What you gain compared to traditional acrylic-based dentures is that you don't use metal clasps in a cosmetically critical area.
You do however sacrifice some stability when compared to partial dentures with cast metal frames

You don't say

...which upper teeth are remaining, nor what kind of condition they are in.
The vast majority of overdentures made are on the lower jaw. This is mostly because most people do fairly well with full upper dentures. An exception would be a severe gagger.
If you have a good distribution of upper teeth in decent condition, it seems the logical low-cost option is a partial denture.
However, I sense from your original post that you have a "temporary" and I assume this means an acrylic-based partial denture.
If the remaining teeth are in poor shape and you are not a gagger, there is nothing to lose by trying a full upper denture first

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