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Science Links Japan | An Acoustic Investigation of Obturating Denture for Soft Palate Perforation  July 24, 2015 – 04:06 pm
Accession number;04A0791763
Title;An Acoustic Investigation of Obturating Denture for Soft Palate Perforation
Journal Title;Journal of Gifu Dental Society
Journal Code:X0049A
Figure&Table&Reference;FIG.7, TBL.5, REF.17
Pub. Country;Japan
Abstract;Oral perforations are originated from the various causes, and they cause some esthetic and functional troubles. The pronunciation impediment, particularly, often causes communicative troubles, and is uncomfortable and inconvenient for patients. In such cases, removable dentures with an obturator often selected for closing oral perforations. So we observed the acoustic changes caused by the denture and tried to evaluate them using soft wear for acoustic analysis. The Formant frequencies of the vowels changed variously for each vowel, and the pitch curves changed slightly. Furthermore both item changed just after initiating use of the obuturator, but 1 month later they returned to the values from before obturator use. Therefore because soft tissues are easy to affect, we must check the obturator and adjust it often. (author abst.)
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I've had dentures now for 20 years

I had all my teeth extracted and immediate dentures put in top and bottom. I can't really remember the cost.
Oral surgeons are generally very good, and the anesthesiologist will take good care of you. To me it was just like going to sleep. They also gave me Valium the night before to help me sleep and to be more relaxed the morning of surgery.
I received pain med's as there is discomfort involved. Follow the orders give to you by the surgeon and you should do fine. My husband helped me out and took care of me, so that helped as well.
It's normal at first to feel like you have "marbles" rolling around in your mouth

Perhaps you'd like to foot the bill

To get this person's dental work done correctly??
What does one do when you are down to no $$ and are in agony? My friend pulls his own teeth out with pliars, for instance. Gee, one should really get "that" taken care of professionally. I can't even walk in the door of a dentist cause it would mean probably $10M to get the work done. Gee, I have $6 to my name. Do you accept time payments?
Have a little mercy here. Maybe he or she can make it another day in a bit less agony. My mother just had her dentures looked at and the dentist says, "oh, you really should have dental surgery cause they don't fit so well any more

I'm midway through implants process

I had three implants inserted in January. Dentist and specialist jointly determined (by x-ray) that there was enough remaining bone to take the implants. (I hope they're right!) I've seen the dentist for checks on three occasions thus far and he tells me they look fine. They'll take more x-rays late May to see if there's been sufficient growth of bone over and around the implants (i.e., "ossification") and if so, will proceed to the creation of crowns and/or a fixed bridge; I'm still not sure what we're talking about there.
Right now I'm dealing with a partial denture (which I hate) to keep teeth from spreading out any more than they already have

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