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Some people have a hard time adjusting to the acrylic base of dentures. Discomfort can occur when chewing as the acrylic hits and rubs against the gums. Experiencing these feelings each day can make a person very unhappy and put them in pain. However, a solution has been found! Soft Dentures, or flexible dentures, have a soft, flexible base that is able to contour to your mouth. No glue needed, these Soft Dentures make chewing easy and painless, while staying in place. The trick to the Soft Dentures has to do with the undercut of the ridge of the gums. The dentures are flexible enough to hook into the undercuts. This is what makes Soft Dentures so stable. The main difference between the Soft Denture and a regular denture is the coating of flexible resin that is put on the base of the Soft Denture. This special resin is what makes the Soft Dentures more stable and more comfortable to wear. It also makes it impossible for bacteria to build up between the gums and the base, which is extremely important in avoiding any kind of infection. Soft Dentures are more expensive than regular dentures, but there are so many benefits to having them! If this is something you are interested in you should speak with your dentist right away and see if Soft Dentures will work for you. is a website that offers a wide variety of information on numerous different medical procedures. The website features an article about different kinds of dentures, more specifically, soft dentures. The information is very educating and useful. It also includes visuals of what soft dentures look like. If you are interested in soft dentures, visit the website here: is a database that is filled with articles regarding countless different categories. One article in the database focuses on soft denture liners bonded to the denture base. If you have, or are looking into getting soft dentures, this might be an article that could be helpful to you. View the full article here: is a website that provides information on a number of different subjects. In a lot of cases, the website offers how-to advice. In this case, the article featured on talks about the relining of soft dentures and hard dentures. If you do have soft dentures or are in the process of getting them, this is definitely something you should know about. Check out the article here: is a website that is able to offer cost effective dentures that are comfortable and reliable. The website touches upon the concept of soft dentures, and provides first hand accounts of people who have had soft dentures before. These first hand accounts can help you decide on what kind of dentures to get. Check out the website here:


Perma Labs Perma Soft Denture Reliner Kit--Reline 2 Denture Plates
Health and Beauty (Perma Labs)
  • One application lasts up to 2 years!
  • Soft yet firm reliner for loose, irritating dentures!
  • Safe and effective! Registered with the FDA!
  • Enough material to reline upper and lower denture, or 2 uppers OR 2 lowers! Works on partials, too!

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I make dentures

Hi there, I have been in the field for over 30 years. You should never use bleach on a denture because
1. acrylic is porous and will retain some of the bleach
2. bleach is bad for the acrylic and cause the pink part to bleach out too. I have seen many a denture come in bleached out and smelling of bleach
The best way you can can clean your denture,is to use those cleaner designed to clean dentures that you buy at the drugstore and use a stiff brush. But, If you have a soft liner, do not use any cleaner that uses effervescence on your denture, as this will ruin the soft liner


Since it is corrosive to metal and to soft lining materials.
1. Keep denture in water or cleanser while you sleep.
2. Place dentures in Clorox-Calgon Solution overnight, or 30 minutes/day (this will kill most bacteria).
FORMULA: 1 teaspoon Clorox, 2 teaspoons Calgon, 6oz. water (Calgon is a water softener, NOT Calgonite detergent or Calgon bath oil)
After soaking, thoroughly remove all cleanser by light brushing under tap water with a soft nylon toothbrush.
*** Do NOT place dentures with metal parts or soft lining material in this solution, as it will corrode/destroy those materials!
Seven tips for safer denture cleaning

Question, should dentures still feel funny weeks

Later. I had all my uppers and lowers pulled a couple few weeks back. Feels like I have a mouth full of marbles. Swelling and still learning how to use the muscles in my mouth to hold the dentures in place. I still on soft or liquid foods, my favorite is ice cream, ice cream shakes, cream soups, blended soups, banana smoothies, custard if it's soft enough and no fruit topping just whipped cream, sometimes very thin mashed potatoes and gravy, scrambled eggs, soft hash browns, and macaroni and cheese. How long before I can get back to steak, corn on the cob and apples with no problems or slippage

I wear dentures

I went and just bought me a new bottle of adhesive. I had to get all my teeth taken out at 28. Runs in my family, we got soft teeth. After I had my third baby, my teeth really went to shit. They was all cracked and broken and I didn't have no molars. All I had was some front teeth and they was working in a way they wasn't designed so they looked real funky. I like my dentures. I got them for 1250.

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