New dentures sore gums

Getting used to wearing new dentures  November 3, 2012 – 02:26 pm

It really is learning to eat in a new way, but it's a quick course!

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Getting used to Dentures After Care Fact or Fiction?

See it as an on-going Training Course, learning as you go. Trial and error maybe, but all's well that end's well!

The first few days after having your new denture's put in are going to be roller coaster days, so I'll do the negatives first....

For many years maybe, your mouth has been free of anything but teeth, no matter how many.
Your tongue has had 'x' amount of space around it before it hits anything.
Suddenly, this is changed and it does feel quite restricted and you have a tendancy to gag a little.
All this recedes after a few days and the tongue seems to find it's way round better all the time.

Having these 'objects' in your mouth means that food and drink does not get to a stronger taste part as quickly. This also makes it difficult to judge temperature, so be careful.

It's a bit like having a baby around - soft food - mashed food - crumbly food - normal food.
I started off with soups, then progressed onto baked beans, Quiche and Shepherds Pie. Because I normally 'eat for England', I had some quite strange deserts of crumbled Scones with Custard, Rice Pudding.

The no-no's were lettuce, cabbage, potato skins and biscuits. Some things you can get away with by simply breaking the food in your hand before putting it in your mouth.

When you eat, you may find your dentures slip, so ask the Dentist when it will be OK to put some adhesive on them.

Eating and chewing on both sides of the mouth will not only help slipping, but will stop you dribbling (maybe) plus ease any pain where you may have had teeth extracted.
As far as speech goes, I was surprised how easily I adapted. If I've taken them out for a while, I tend to whistle a little for a couple of minutes, but then it goes.
If whistling persists, see your Dentist who may be able to adjust or offer you advice on tongue shaping etc.

Whilst the dentures and gums are finding themselves, you may get ulcers which can be most annoying. You can use Bonjela, but have to leave your dentures out for half an hour. But consult your Dentist, who will probably adjust the area a bit.
After this, the symptons go pretty quickly.

Also ask your Dentist when you can take them out and for how long. The gums are shrinking and healing rapidly and leaving them out too long, could mean re-alignment etc.

On the follow up appointment side, they will probably see you about three times stretched over three weeks (this should not be extra cost). You can then tell the Dentist exactly where the tender spots are and he will either adjust or give you medication to stop the problem.


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My Mom s New Dentures
My Mom's New Dentures

Need new dentures.

Mom is having problems chewing. Dr says she has worn them down. It does look like her teeth are completely flat. Dentist says it will cost $3600 for a new set. I got the feeling that prices vary. When I looked this up on medical blue book it estimate $1500. Mom does not carry dental insurance so this will mean I have to negotiate this price.
Any helpful ideas on how to get a good price and a good dentist for this? I don't think the VA Tricare for Life insurance or medicare pays for this.

In need of dentist for new business

Hello there,
My name is Lisa. My husband and I are considering expanding a family business into Canada. We work with fixed dental prosthetics. We are trying to find a DDS who would be willing to try our product free of cost in order to generate business. We work with porcelain/metal bridges and crowns, and also utilize zirconia.
We are also interested in the idea of producing low cost dentures, to assist seniors. We are seeking a DDS who would be willing to expand their horizons and see the potential profitability of ordering their prosthitics overseas at an alarmingly lower cost than traditonal labs in Canada

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