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Denture sore mouth - definition of denture sore mouth in the Medical dictionary  July 12, 2015 – 01:45 pm

mouth [mowth]

1. an opening or aperture.

2. the oral cavity, which forms the beginning of the digestive system and in which the chewing of food takes place. The mouth is also the site of the organs of taste and of the teeth, tongue, and lips. It is not only the entrance to the body for food and sometimes air, but also a major organ of speech and emotional expression.

Structure. Except for the teeth, the interior of the mouth is covered with mucous membrane. This thin lining extends out from the front of the mouth to form the lips. Salivary glands lie above and below the mouth and produce saliva, a liquid that protects the delicate membranes and mixes with food in the first step of digestion of food.

The palate forms the roof of the mouth. The front two thirds of the palate comprises the hard palate, and the back third, the soft palate. The soft palate is hinged to the hard palate and is flanked on both sides by the tonsils. In the middle of the soft palate is the uvula, a projection pointing down to the tongue. At the root of the tongue, below the uvula, lies the epiglottis.

Disorders. Because of its special functions the mouth is constantly exposed to infection and irritation. These can affect the whole mouth generally or only certain parts, such as the tongue. Inflammation of the mouth, or stomatitis, can indicate the presence of either a mild or severe disease. Local conditions include thrush, gingivitis, and herpes simplex. Generalized diseases can also give rise to inflammation of the mouth; these include diphtheria, tuberculosis, blood dyscrasias, vitamin deficiencies, and syphilis.

Cancer can afflict the sides of the mouth, the lips, the tongue, and occasionally the salivary glands. Continued irritation, such as pipe smoking, is thought to be a cause of many mouth cancers. Any persistent sore or swelling should be promptly examined by a health care worker.

Birth defects affecting the mouth include cleft lip and cleft palate. Both have the same cause: failure of adjacent parts of the body to unite properly in fetal life. A cleft lip (popularly called “harelip”) involves a split in the upper lip. Sometimes the cleft extends into the upper jaw, the floor of the nose, and the palate. The resulting deformity of nose and mouth interferes with sucking and speech unless corrected by surgery. A cleft palate, which may cause difficulties in speaking and eating, signifies a cleavage in the uvula and the soft palate. Both conditions can be successfully corrected by surgery.

mouth care techniques of oral hygiene whose purpose is to preserve or restore and maintain normal physiology and function of the oral cavity. These include assessment of the mouth, cleaning, and removal of debris from the teeth, palate, tongue, and sides of the mouth. Periodically and systematically cleaning the mouth, brushing the teeth, and flossing help prevent dental caries, inflammatory periodontal disease, and halitosis. Mouth care also promotes a sense of cleanliness and well-being, facilitates speech, and helps overcome loss of appetite. Additionally, a healthy oral mucosa is the first line of defense against infection in the oral cavity.

In the normal mouth a healthy oral mucosa is maintained in part by movements of the tongue, lips, and cheeks during speech, chewing, and swallowing. Salivation and the mechanical action of chewing foods also help keep the mucosa soft and moist. Brushing and flossing or other less forceful measures facilitate removal of debris, bacteria, and plaque and preserve the integrity of the teeth and gums.


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Husband just got dentures

At first he had trouble getting used to them and was worried he had made the wrong decision. Yes, you need to have dentures put in as soon as they pull the teeth. AND wear them like you're told! It's important! Don't be taking them out and leaving them out or you will be in for MAJOR problems! The swelling will go down and it's sore at first but not painful. If they hurt anywhere in your mouth, keep going back til they get it right. If they haven't done the impressions yet, be sure you really listen to them and hold your mouth the way you're told, etc. It makes a huge difference in how they'll fit

Denture and tooth cleaner. Use baby shampoo!

I had an infection in my mouth and was told to wash my dentures in baby shampoo to clean then so the chemicals from Polident etc. didn't irritate the sore. The baby shampoo gor off old plaque that Polident etc. wern't touching and on the partial, the stainless comes bright and shiney as well. I then tried babyshampoo on the plaque on my real teeth and it disolved the plaque under the gum line in three tries and now my teeth don't bleed. It has been three months and no bad side effects.

These are the symptomsof oral cancer... do you

The list of signs and symptoms mentioned in various sources for Oral cancer includes the 44 symptoms listed below:
* Non-healing oral sores
* Lip sore
* Lump in lip
* Lump in mouth
* Lump on tongue
* Oral white patches
* Oral red patches
* Mouth bleeding
* Mouth pain
* Mouth numbness
* Persistent sore throat
* Difficulty chewing
* Pain chewing
* Difficulty swallowing
* Pain swallowing
* Swollen jaw
Have any of these symptom:

Let's see....

I wouldn't say "sudden" onset, but relatively quick. Started feeling it in my throat, thought I was getting sick, although I described the sore throat to someone as not typical, hard to describe.
It's hard to tell if my cheeks are sore too. I think the tongue and whole mouth is sensitive/a little inflamed.
Whitish film - no. I don't see any ulcerations. Maybe just pink/red from being irritated (but I don't study my mouth all too often so hard to say!)
I'm 36 and F.
I take 50 mgs zoloft and birth control pills.
Non smoker. Minimal drinker.
No mouthwash and thank goodness no dentures yet!

For sure.

My aunt has dentures and the vertical dimension is so bad! She can't even swallow well. She has a very small mouth and Scleroderma (tiniest open mouth you've ever seen!) so her Dr. didn't even get a proper lower impression. They took one off of her lower partial! She had 22-27 ext. and an alveloectomy! He really expected this to work!? It's sad... At my office, we go the long route but have very few problems with the final products, save the occasional sore spot.

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