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ACCUSMILE Denture Clinic - Ballard  September 2, 2013 – 02:49 pm
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Accusmile Denture Clinic specializes exclusively in dentures, using the latest techniques and materials available on the market today. Our state-of-the- art denture lab allows for quick repairs and adjustments done on site.
Free Consultation available for new patients.
Come in and see why Accusmile is the premier choice for all your denture needs.


Established in 2008

Alex Melner, DPD, Certified Denturist, has been in the business of making dentures for 16 years. He likes his work so much, and attributes so much meticulous perfection to it that it feels like a hobby.

"Combining the aesthetic and the technical elements of making attractive and functional dentures requires an artistic touch, as well as the technical know how."

Alex enjoys the satisfaction of producing a finished product that makes a difference.

"Dentures are important for digestion, personal appearance and the self-confidence that follows."

Dr. Melner received and upgraded his education in many different parts of the world, before he decided to settle in Beautiful Seattle, where he was certified as a denturist. In his life time he has made over a 1500 dentures, and the number keeps growing with each satisfied patient.

As a devoted practitioner, Alex believes in maintaining cutting edge skills and abilities.
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PARTIAL DENTURES: A Practical Textbook.
Book (C. V. Mosby,)

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Looking for a good Denturist in Seattle area

I am about to start the process of getting dentures.The whole ordeal is scary to say the least, with the process of finding a good Dentist/Denturist part of it.Can anyone recommend a good Doc in the Seattle/Eastside area? Also,since Im not really clear on the whole process,where do you start with a regular Dentist or the Denturist? When I went to a regular Dentist they wanted me to just fix my teeth to the tune of 7,830.00 And I said for that I coud have the best Dentures! So really need some recommendations if you have any, need to get it done soon! :)

I wear full dentures

I have both upper and lower dentures and have found a great product at Walgreens. It's called "Stain Away" denture cleaner powder. You mix a measured amount with hot water and soak the dentures for about 30 minutes and they come out looking fantastic! I had tried everything and nothing would work for me . . . I even tried the bleach route. No go. I drink a lot of coffee/tea, plus I smoke so I needed something that would work. This stuff is great!
If your local Walgreens doesn't carry it, you can order it online through their website. It costs $5.99.

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