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Denture care: How do I clean dentures?  April 3, 2015 – 10:36 am



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Affordable dentures clinic bakersfield- WARNING!

The dentist at affordable dentures clinic in bakersfield is totally unprofessional and doesn't care about the client.
be warned, we were treated badly by the dentist - he got angry when i simply questioned his treatment plan. "you've no right to question my treatment plan, i'm the dentist"
my mom had extractions and immediates placed about 3 months ago. the teeth were not placed midline so they looked "off". the dentist at the time said she'd get new ones to correct their mistake. she tolerated them for the swelling and healing to take place for these 3 months.

Affordable denture clinic in bakersfield

Does anyone have any experience- positive or negative about affordable denture clinic in bakersfield?
they are a franchise specializing in making dentures fast and affordable. i figure since this is what they do day in day out, it ought to be done well, but as with everything, depends upon the individual running the pracitice.
i've heard good things from others who have used AD in other states but can't find an opinion regarding the bakersfield office.
checked with bbb- no complaints logged.

Denture clinics

You can probably find a "denture clinic" in your area. They are a group that only does dentures and extractions. Most make the denture in one day with different "levels" of dentures. They won't be the best, but the most cost effective if you are having problems. some schools also give care at reduced costs if you are a good teaching case.
and for the spam dental plan above, good luck getting a dentist to accept it!

Yup, dentures

Dentures removed from man's bronchial tube
By Associated Press
August 2, 2005
TAIPEI, Taiwan -- A Taiwanese man is breathing easier after a surgeon removed a missing set of dentures from one of his bronchial tubes -- three years after he lost them in a fall.
Surgeon Chen Chun-lei said the unidentified man visited his clinic several days ago complaining of shortness of breath and a high fever.
The man had no idea the missing denture was the culprit, causing a mild case of pneumonia.
"He had looked for the missing dentures for three years but they were nowhere to be found," Chen said

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