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As dentists, you all have that problem denture patient: no matter what you do, he or she is back in 3-6 weeks, complaining about the same thing. The dentures drop, won't stay in place, and denture adhesives just aren't doing the trick. David Block, CDT, of Aesthetic Porcelain Studios has found a solution to make denture patients happy – with suction-cup dentures.

Suction-cup dentures are a denture system that was redeveloped by David Block, CDT, after many years of research. Materials have changed over the years, and there are approximately 40-50 million denture patients that have flat ridges and need DENTURES THAT HOLD. On these special dentures, there are a number of suction cups providing superb stability to keep them in place – even on patients with extremely flat ridges! Conventional dentures for patients with flat ridges will not work as well, so suction-cup dentures provide retention and viability for those who are not great candidates for standard dentures and prosthetic.

Suction-cup dentures are perfect for dentists who want to help increase and enhance retention for patients that cannot afford implants, or are not viable candidates for alternative prosthetics or permanent restorations. They are an affordable, effective way of ensuring your patients' comfort, and allow them the chance to enjoy life and not have to worry about their smile!

Suction Cup
Lower Denture

Combe Incorporated Sea Bond Denture Brush
Health and Beauty (Combe Incorporated)
  • Sea-Bond Denture Brush Unique design lets you brush more firmly, safely and effectively.
  • It s Gives you more control over every brush stroke.
  • It is more bristles to reach and clean all surfaces and grooves.
  • Handle contains Bactigon to inhibit growth of bacteria on surface of plastic. Works in right or left hand.

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If you are that poor apply for Medicaid

BUT does not cover for dentures. Look for a denture clinic or dental school where costs will be lower because overhead is lower. The fee you were quoted is about right for a single tooth extraction, about $10 just to set up and disinfect the room, don't forget costs of assistant, rent, supplies. Overhead actually pretty high in dentistry.

Do one room at a time, and do not leave that

Room until it is finished. Clean top to bottom, the floor being the last thing sweeping/mopping/vacuuming.
Go around the room on one direction and leave a clean "path" behind you. Put all your cleaning supplies in a bucket or caddy and drag a garbage bag or waste can with you.
If you don't make your own cleaning solutions, buy muli-purpose ones. The best cleaners are ones you make yourself. Start with water then add either bleach, ammonia, or vinegar and a drop or two of detergent.
For bathrooms watch using bleach around toilets, but you'll need it for showers and sinks

Ezo Ezo Denture Cushions, Lower Heavy, 15 cushions
Health and Beauty (Ezo)
  • Temporary aid to hold old dentures
  • Custom fit
  • Vacuum grip for better hold
  • No unpleasant odor or taste
Retainer Brite 192 Tablet Retainer Brite (6 Months Supply)
Health and Beauty (Retainer Brite)
  • 2 Boxes of Retainer Brite (192 Tablets Total) 6 Months Supply
  • Helps Remove Plaque and Tartar
  • Keeps Appliances Fresh
  • Cleans and Brightens Removable Dental Appliances
  • Kills 99% of 7 Common Odor-Causing Bacteria

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