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Many people who have uncomfortable dentures may be thinking about ditching their hard liners in favor of the soft variety. However, soft denture liners have a few disadvantages when compared to hard plastic liners. Some of the disadvantages of soft liners include contamination, adjustment, maintenance, and strength. This article will discuss some of the disadvantages of using soft denture liners instead of the hard plastic type.


One of the first disadvantages of soft denture liners is contamination. These liners are very porous, so they will easily collect microorganisms. These microorganisms can cause disease, so you don't want them in your mouth. Soft denture liners usually have to be replaced if they ever become contaminated because it is too difficult to decontaminate them properly.


Another one of the disadvantages of soft denture liners deals with adjustment. You will have to see your denturist periodically in order to have your dentures adjusted. However, soft denture liners make adjustment very difficult. It will be harder to grind away the material in order to adjust the denture. These liners also make it very difficult to repair dentures.


One of the biggest disadvantages of soft denture liners is maintenance. As mentioned earlier, these liners will easily attract microorganisms that cause diseases. Therefore, it is much more important that you clean them properly. You will have to clean them more frequently and better than you would have to clean hard plastic liners.


Another disadvantage of soft denture liners deals with strength. The materials used to make these liners have to be thick in order to function properly. Therefore, a lot of plastic may need to be removed from the denture in order to make room for the liner. This will usually weaken the denture, requiring metal framework be installed inside the denture.


One of the final disadvantages of soft denture liners is their cost. They are more expensive than the typical hard dentures. Soft denture liners will also deteriorate more quickly and need to be replaced. Therefore, you will have to pay more money in replacement costs also.


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I make dentures

Hi there, I have been in the field for over 30 years. You should never use bleach on a denture because
1. acrylic is porous and will retain some of the bleach
2. bleach is bad for the acrylic and cause the pink part to bleach out too. I have seen many a denture come in bleached out and smelling of bleach
The best way you can can clean your denture,is to use those cleaner designed to clean dentures that you buy at the drugstore and use a stiff brush. But, If you have a soft liner, do not use any cleaner that uses effervescence on your denture, as this will ruin the soft liner

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