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Denture Supplies - Denture Adhesive & Cleaner From Dollar General  July 25, 2015 – 04:15 pm

Discount Denture Supplies

If youíre a denture wearer that wants to look your best without spending lots of money, youíll be happy to know that Dollar General carries a wide range of denture supplies available at discount prices. No matter if you need some help holding your denture in place or keeping it clean, you can rest assured that we stock denture supplies like denture adhesive as well as denture cleaner to meet all of your needs. Donít subject yourself to potentially embarrassing situations when we have a variety of products that will keep your smile looking good and feeling great all day. Visit Dollar General to find the denture supplies you want at the prices you need.

Brand Name Values

At Dollar General you can rest assured that you wonít have to sacrifice your preference for brand name denture supplies for a lower price. We regularly offer products from brands like Fixodent, Sea Bond, Super Poligrip and more. For example, our denture cleaner selection includes products from Efferdent, Fixodent and DG Health which are all excellent at cleaning removable dental appliances. In addition, products like Super Poligrip denture cream can come in handy to prevent a potentially embarrassing slip. Finally, regardless whether you prefer paste or powder, name-brand products like Fixodent denture adhesive will always give you the freedom of choice. Come to Dollar General for brand name values.

Find Basic Denture Supplies at Dollar General

Maintaining a strong oral hygiene regimen is important to your overall health, which includes caring for your dentures too. At Dollar General youíll find that we offer an assortment of basic denture supplies that can make this task easy. When itís time to scrub your denture, we have several types of denture cleaner and accessories that will make the entire process easy. Once youíre ready to insert your denture, youíll find that we have denture adhesive and denture cream available to make sure that your appliance fits well and looks good. If you need basic denture supplies, visit Dollar General.


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Book (University of Michigan Library)

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Making Dentures
Making Dentures


Since it is corrosive to metal and to soft lining materials.
1. Keep denture in water or cleanser while you sleep.
2. Place dentures in Clorox-Calgon Solution overnight, or 30 minutes/day (this will kill most bacteria).
FORMULA: 1 teaspoon Clorox, 2 teaspoons Calgon, 6oz. water (Calgon is a water softener, NOT Calgonite detergent or Calgon bath oil)
After soaking, thoroughly remove all cleanser by light brushing under tap water with a soft nylon toothbrush.
*** Do NOT place dentures with metal parts or soft lining material in this solution, as it will corrode/destroy those materials!
Seven tips for safer denture cleaning

Don't use Bleach!

Much too caustic. May damage the plastic, and almost certainly some will be retained by the denture and irritate the gums.
Much better is soaking in vinegar, which will gradually loosen up the tartar on the denture.
Denture patients should be examined by the dentist even without teeth--to check the fit, and to check the soft tissue health. This is particularly important for tobacco users.
I have a solution that is sold for use in ultrasonic cleaners--removes tartar and stain in maybe 10-15 minutes--very effective. Most dentists should have this ability. And while I charge for the checkup, I don't charge for cleaning the dentures (and I'd bet many other dentists wouldn't either)

Obama has a 'partial'

My Dad's an orthodontist -- Bammie has what my Dad calls a 'partial' -- that means he had his original (probably rotted from gum disease and rotted teeth, as he is a lifelong smoker) a 'partial' means he had some of his original rotted teeth pulled.
Then the D.D.S. installs a 'partial' denture. If the teeth are really white and the person is a lifelong smoker, now you know 'how.' People who have one remove their 'partial' at night and it sets for 8 hours in a cleaning/bleaching solution.
When I was growing up, my Dad would always insult his fellow DDS's in effigy when he heard an older person do that with their S's

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