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Denture Services | A Dental & Denture  July 4, 2015 – 12:19 pm

At A Dental & Denture, we provide comprehensive denture care services. We have an onsite denture office and lab to provide our denture clients with fast service.


Denture 911!!! - Denture Emergency?

Denture Consultation

If you are not happy with the fit, function or appearance of your dentures, call today to make an appointment for a consultation with our licensed Denturist. During this visit, we'll discuss our approach to dentures, and share with you the methods available to greatly increase your satisfaction with your dentures.

Complete Dentures / Full Dentures (Free denture orientation kit with new dentures)

Designed for the optimum in functionality and aesthetics, we use lifelike, durable composite teeth and colored acrylic (the pink base of the denture). We use absolutely no cadmium components! Our dentures are designed and balanced using the Accu-Liner System, a modern denture architecture system to insure that your dentures fit and function in a superior manner.

A quality denture requires time, accuracy, and skill that cannot be compared to the fast paced clinics with their economy pricing. A denture made through a Denturist is designed to obtain the optimum comfort, fit, function and aesthetic. A denture at best is a compromise in that it is never a replacement for teeth but only a substitute. It would be wise to invest in the finest quality appliance that money can buy.

Immediate Dentures after Extractions

Immediate dentures are based on an impression taken by your Denturist prior to removing your teeth. As the name suggests, they are put in place immediately after your teeth have been removed, so that you don't go a day without teeth - same day dentures. Since each patient's healing period and ability to accommodate an immediate denture varies, the feeling of being "comfortable" will be different.

Partial Dentures (flexible, metal, acrylic base)

Using the same high quality materials and techniques that we do with complete dentures, we can design and build your partial denture to deliver the utmost in comfort, appearance and function. With our partial dentures, you can be confident that you will look your best!

Read about our denture repair services, implant overdentures, and dental services.


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Currently, Medicare coverage of dental services is very limited. Medicare does not cover routine dental care or most dental procedures such as cleanings, fillings, tooth extractions or dentures. Medicare does not pay for dental plates or other dental devices. In general, you pay for 100% of dental services.

Donated dental services?

Does anyone know of dentists who make dentures for low cost or even free? My mother doesn't qualify through the official Donated Dental Services program ( even though we have a negative amount in the checking acct each month :/ ). I'm hoping to find a dentist in the NNJ area who would be able to make upper and lower dentures for less than $1000 a plate, but still be a good quality doctor. Thanks!!!

Low Cost & Free Dental & Health Services

This is what I use. There is info. at the following site:
They are a Nationwide network of doctors and dentists that agree to discount their services by 50% to 80% to patients in return for cash, check or credit card. I go in for dentures in Jan. and they quoted me 65% off the regular price. Some services are free. I think they even show prices for services on the website. Good Luck.

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