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Snap On Dentures | Implant Retained Dentures  July 21, 2015 – 03:31 pm
Patient Money - For Most, Implants Beat Dentures, but at a Price
Q: I like the dentures I wear now but i would like to have the Snap On Dentures. Do I must have new dentures made? A: Having new dentures is your decision. If you like your current dentures of you just feel super comfortable with them, then we can adapt them to have O-Rings. That way you will have your current dentures and you will be able to Snap them to your jawbone.
Q: How do I know if I am a candidate for Mini Dental Implants? A: Almost anyone is a candidate for Mini Dental Implants. People with weak gums, missing teeth, denture wearers, etc.

However, Mini Dental Implants are not advised in the following situations: Uncontrolled diabetes, history of radiation treatment for cancer (this does not include X-rays for diagnostics), substance abuse, Immuno-suppression. Patients with the following conditions may suffer complications or failure with MDIs: Heavy smoking/drinking habits, Sjorgren's syndrome, Alzheimer's disease, people who clench/grind their teeth and young persons in their growing years.

Q: Is it a painful procedure?A: The procedures is not a painful one, the implants are placed into the bone (which has no nerves) there will be some tenderness around the gums but we will always deal with the appropriate pain management. We place local anesthesia and the pain is minimized. If you are a very anxious patient we have the option of sedation dentistry at an extra cost.Q: Will I have temporary dentures during the week of the procedure?A: In 80% of the cases, yes. Sometimes, to help the healing process we will advise not to have temporary dentures during those next 6 days after the procedure, if that is not your case, then you will never leave our Clinics without teeth, we understand how important this is to our patientsQ: How many Mini Dental Implants I need?A: For a complete upper Snap On Denture we recommend at least 6. For a lower complete denture we would need 7-8. It all depends on your grinding, size of your jaw, bone shrinking history, etc. After we see you clinically we will let you know your best option.Q: How many days in Cancun do I need?A: If you wish to adapt your current denture with O-Rings we need you ONE day (When we setup the implant) and teh next morning we deliver your current denture adpated for Mini Dental Implants.
If you want new dentures we need you in Cancun 6-7 days and you will have to come to the clinic 3-4 times for the testing of your dentures.
Q: Could my body reject the Mini Dental Implant?A: It could happen, but it is not up to you, it is up to your body reaction and oral hygiene. There is a 7% of dental implant rejection. It is your natural body reaction that in some cases it will reject the implant with no aparent reason. Remember hygiene is a very important factor and helps avoid rejection. Smokers have higher chances to lose dental implants.Q: Could I get an infection for getting Dental Implants?A: It can happen if you do not take your antibiotics as prescribed during the procedure. If you are a smoker or if you have poor hygiene. The aftercare of your dental implants is your sole responsability. Dental Implants come laser sterilized and should be no infection.


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Dental dentures

I just saw your ad to that idiot you told obviously didn't have dental insurance' I found a Dentist that I got my dentures in one day & I gotta tell ya' I'd seen so many others that paid thousands of dollars & they paid a higher deductible for one upper or lower plate than I paid for both! Mine were $99 each. But I paid an extra fifty for each plate for them to make them out of the high impact acrylic with a total cost of $ & all' & they fit grate' I use the original fixadent denture cream & they stay firm for nearly 48 hours' I eat corn on the cob' steak' those big chewy pretzels' appl

Replacement Dentures

Hi, I too recently had all of my teeth removed upper and lower. Also had two retainer posts implanted in my lower jaw to hold the denture in place. I am very unhappy with these posts. I find out after spending about $9,000.00 of my own money (no insurance) that the heighth of these post nessesitate moving the teeth forward on the dental plate so there is room for the posts and recievers. This makes your teeth stick out like (HORSE TEETH) The first set of lowers the dentist made looked ridiculas. After going round and round with this dentist he made another set. He wasn't very happy. That was just the temporary dentures at a cost of $800

First off,

...sorry for the delay getting back.
I have not done a great many implant-retained overdentures, so I am basing my answers both on personal experience and what I've heard and read.
Lower overdentures (uppers are done far less frequently, because most people do OK with regular FU dentures. The only real indication for a full upper overdenture is with a severe gagger where the patient can't tolerate the palatal extension)--usually have between 2 and 4 implant fixtures. Several years back, one of the favored designs was the Hader bar:

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