Cost of full dentures

How Much Do Dentures Cost?  September 28, 2012 – 12:16 pm

artificial Teeth splashing on water glassWhat are dentures, and what do you need to know about them? Dentures are sometimes recommended for people who have some or all of their teeth pulled for cosmetic, aesthetic or functional purposes. There are two types of dentures, ones that go on the top, or maxillary dentures, and ones that go on the bottom of the mouth, called mandibular dentures. Here are some more tidbits of information about dentures.


The cost of dentures can range from $500 to $2, 500 or more, per piece for the upper or lower arch. This price depends on the type and quality. In addition to the cost of dentures, the dentist usually charges between $250 to over $1, 000 dollars for their fee per piece, which covers their time spent and labor. Much of the cost of dentures is often covered by insurance; however, without insurance you may have to pay all these costs out of your own pocket.

Free or reduced clinics are often offered by local health departments. Also, many universities offer student-run clinics that have greatly reduced rates for patients agreeing to get their work done by a student.


The benefits of having dentures are numerous. For those who lose their teeth, dentures can aid in mastication, or chewing of food. Also, when people have teeth pulled, it can affect their speech patterns; patients improve their speech with dentures to almost normal or full capacity. Because dentures are an aesthetic choice, they also allow the user to regain self-esteem lost after the removal of teeth. Having dentures helps to prevent further tooth decay, more costly dental surgeries and a host of other oral issues.


Some disadvantages of dentures are that they sometimes cause soreness of the mouth and gums, which may require an adjustment of the dentures to fit better within the mouth. Also, many denture wearers report increased saliva production. This is caused by a foreign object in the mouth that the brain interprets as food, hence causing the production of saliva. Sometimes people also have a problem keeping dentures in their mouth in place. Again, additional adjustments and fittings of dentures are sometimes needed to correct this issue.

The thought of dentures often creates questions and nervous feelings. After learning more about dentures, hopefully some of your questions are resolved, and your anxiety is put to rest. Dentures have benefits and drawbacks, but in the end offer a safe, healthy way to replace teeth that are in disrepair, without continued oral surgery or prolonged pain.

What are dentures, and what do you need to know about them?


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Help with dentures! I need a full set

I get my ph. book out call a few places and I‘m getting cost ranging from $1,600.00 to $7,000.00
WOW!!! I cant believe how much they want for a set of choppers. I mean $1,600.00 seems like a lot for making a pair of these.
I don’t mind paying a fair price for them, I need help to know why such a big price range?
How do I know what I’m getting? If I pay $1,600.00, are they going to be “good” dentures? What questions do I ask, so I know what I’m paying for to be poor, good, better? What kind of material is used to make price range so great?

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