Implant Supported Partial Denture

Dental Implant Supported Dentures | New You Smile Center  July 19, 2013 – 12:56 pm

If you are a dental patient seeking the full restoration of your smile using dentures, you may want to reconsider. All of the bite and stability flaws and limitations that come with dentures can be eradicated with dental implant supported dentures, giving you full use of your teeth and a strong bite.

While regular dentures are an option for full or partial replacement of natural teeth, they come with a downside. Problems include changes in your gums and bone, causing improper fit over time, limitations on what you can eat, impairment of speech, and the hassle of adhesives and cleaning procedures. You can eliminate these problems with implant-supported dentures (as an alternative to our signature All-on-6 implant-supported smile makeover).

What is a Dental Implant Supported Denture?

Dental Implant Supported Dentures San Antonio A dental implant supported denture is similar to a regular denture, except that it is supported and attached to dental implants for stability. A standard denture rests directly on top of the gum line, held only by an adhesive, which often times leads to slipping and sliding of the denture appliance. An implant supported denture offers a much firmer hold, because the denture appliance snaps into place on top of a series of implants.

This method prevents jaw shrinkage and a drastic change in your appearance that could occur without a full tooth replacement. Implant supported dentures are also removable, so you can pop them out and clean them overnight, just as you would a regular denture appliance.

What types of Dental Implant Supported Dentures are there?

There are a variety of implant supported dentures available at the New You Smile Center, with each designed to handle a specific need.

Implant Supported Partial Denture

An implant supported partial denture is a partial denture that uses the support and foundation of a series of dental implants to hold the denture firmly in place.

Implant Supported Full Upper Denture

An implant supported full upper denture is a full tooth replacement denture that uses the support and foundation of a series of dental implants to hold the denture firmly in place at the top of your mouth. The benefit of an implant supported full upper denture over the more traditional full upper denture is in its ability to hold itself in place without the need for a palate (guard for the roof of your mouth). This allows for a more natural look and feel.

Implant Supported Lower Full Denture

An implant supported lower full denture is a full tooth replacement denture that uses the support and foundation of a series of dental implants to hold the denture firmly in place at the bottom of your mouth.

How do Implant Supported Dentures work?

Before you can have an implant supported denture created and installed, you must first have the dental implants placed.

Once the implants are placed, we will install one of two different kinds of implant supported fixed dentures:bar-retained or ball-retained. Bar-Retained Dentures are held in place by clips that snap into a thin metal bar that rests on top of your implants. Ball-Retained Dentures are fitted into metal attachments that sit within another metal attachment within the implant. One attachment snaps into the other, firmly holding the denture in place.

Results of an Implant Supported Denture

Where regular teeth dentures may slip and slide uncomfortably when talking or eating, implant supported dentures are comfortably held in place by the implants, leaving you free to live your life.


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I make dentures

Hi there, I have been in the field for over 30 years. You should never use bleach on a denture because
1. acrylic is porous and will retain some of the bleach
2. bleach is bad for the acrylic and cause the pink part to bleach out too. I have seen many a denture come in bleached out and smelling of bleach
The best way you can can clean your denture,is to use those cleaner designed to clean dentures that you buy at the drugstore and use a stiff brush. But, If you have a soft liner, do not use any cleaner that uses effervescence on your denture, as this will ruin the soft liner

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