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Complete (full) denture costs - New, immediate, replacement, relines.  June 4, 2013 – 02:49 pm
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This page provides fee estimates for complete (full) dentures and relines.

In all cases, the price range given is for a single "unit, " meaning an upper or lower denture. The cost for a set of dentures would be in the neighborhood of twice the estimate we show.

Compete (full) dentures.

The fee that a dentist charges will depend on which technique is used when the appliance is fabricated, conventional or immediate.

A) Conventional -

Complete denture (conventional) - Upper or lower.
$900.00 - $1900.00

(How did we come up with this estimate?)

What does the term "conventional" mean?

The word "conventional" refers to the situation where all of the patient's teeth have already been removed by the time denture construction is begun.

Replacement dentures.

All replacement dentures are conventional dentures. First-time denture placement might involve either conventional or immediate protocol.

B) Immediate -

Complete denture (immediate) - Upper or lower.
$1100.00 - $2100.00

What does the term "immediate" mean?

The word "immediate" refers the situation where some of the patient's teeth still remain at that time when denture construction is begun.

It's usually just front teeth that are present. They're left so the patient's appearance still looks fairly normal. This approach also allows them to have some chewing ability during the weeks while their denture is being fabricated.

At that point when their new denture is ready, the dentist will extract their remaining teeth and 'immediately' place the new appliance. The patient is never without teeth (always having either natural or 'false' teeth).

Immediates can be transitional or permanent appliances.

Some dentists categorize immediate dentures as transitional appliances (intended to be replaced in 6 months to a year after suitable post-extraction healing has taken place). Other dentists intend for their immediates to provide more extended service (measured in years).

In the latter case, as bone and soft tissue healing transforms the shape of the patient's jaws, relines will be needed. It is important for you to inquire about the cost (see below) of this added treatment.

Tooth-extraction costs.

When trying to estimate their treatment expenses, a prospective full-denture patient shouldn't overlook the cost of extracting their remaining teeth (if any exist).

In some cases, this can add a considerable amount to their total bill. (We provide cost estimates for tooth extractions here.) As a point of interest, in some situations a dentist may be able to charge less than expected for removing some teeth.


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Replacement Dentures

Hi, I too recently had all of my teeth removed upper and lower. Also had two retainer posts implanted in my lower jaw to hold the denture in place. I am very unhappy with these posts. I find out after spending about $9,000.00 of my own money (no insurance) that the heighth of these post nessesitate moving the teeth forward on the dental plate so there is room for the posts and recievers. This makes your teeth stick out like (HORSE TEETH) The first set of lowers the dentist made looked ridiculas. After going round and round with this dentist he made another set. He wasn't very happy. That was just the temporary dentures at a cost of $800

At the risk of

...opening a can of worms, I'll attempt an answer.
If you're wearing full upper and lower dentures now and have been told you have enough bone for replacement of all teeth, you are very lucky. But this is usually very demanding treatment (both for you and the dentists) and often this is best dealt with by prosthodontists for the restorative work. These guys get the big bucks, but trying to do this type of treatment on the cheap can be a big mistake. There are a lot of volume operations out there trying to bang out the work with mini-implants. These are far less expensive to place, but don't have the long-term record of success that traditional implants have

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