Denture Repairs while you wait

Jupiter, Florida Dentist - Advanced Dental Concepts - Dr. Mona Sims  September 13, 2012 – 09:11 am
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Cosmetic Dentistry - Denture Repairs
We have the expertise and equiptment to repair most dentures while you wait, or on the same day!

Since dentures are detachable, they may be dropped or broken. Happily, many denture repairs can be done at our office, often on the same day. We always recommend that patients have some form of spare or temporary denture whenever their denture replaces their front teeth. Most people do not have this, so a broken denture is often an embarrassing emergency. We understand that and try to do repairs as quickly as possible. Please save all pieces and call as early in the day as possible.


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I went to Mexico for dental implants-good choice

Crowns DO come off---have to be careful with them. My days of biting into an apple or corn were over long ago, due to front caps, but I found a GREAT way to get all of your work done at a fraction of the US costs. 26 crowns and a number of root canals, a dental implant, under $6,000. My dentist here said I HAD TO get dentures or implants, estimate for implants $46,000 to $58,000. Cost for THAT in Mexico was $20,000 but when I got there, he said I did NOT need implants. He could have taken my $20K and done the work---I would not have known. Email me if you want info. This one came highly recommended to me, and is just two blocks across the American border at Progresso

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