What are Denture implants?

Dental Implants: Why They are Better Than Dentures | Blog | Houston  September 23, 2013 – 06:44 am
Robert J Mailloux, DMD - Denture Implants

When you are missing any of your teeth, be it one of them, some of them, or all of them, you want to look at getting teeth back in there in order to enhance your smile, make it easy to eat all of the foods you love, and more. Dentures are often the pick for those who are in need of a full set of teeth or just uppers or lowers. Dental implants are gaining in popularity because of all the benefits that they have to offer.

What are Dental Implants?

Many people hear dental implants and assume that it is a code word for dentures. These products are entirely different dentures are artificial teeth that are removed on a nightly basis to be cleaned. Dental implants are actually installed into the jaw bone and are not removed.

Why are Dental Implants Better?

Dental implants have become more popular because they are stronger. Since they are drilled into the mouth as a permanent teething solution, it allows people to eat all of the foods they used to – including apples, ribs, and anything else that are considered a “no no” for those who wear dentures. They are just as strong as your regular teeth – and maybe even a little stronger.

The implants are more expensive, but they last longer and don’t require the same level of maintenance. Many people will find that they need new dentures as they get older because of the bone density loss along the jaw bone. The dentures no longer have the same fit. Additionally, there is all of the cost for adhesive, denture soaks, and other products to ensure they are cleaned properly to maintain proper oral hygiene.

With implants, they are usually good for the life of a patient. You would be able to brush them just like regular teeth. This includes floss, toothpaste, mouthwash and everything else. They allow you to maintain a higher level of oral hygiene than you would have with dentures – and this is another reason why more people are getting them.

The dental implants are easy to install and don’t require a lot of healing time. Traditionally, they were designed to replace one or two missing teeth. Now, they have what is known as All on Four, which can be used for massive tooth loss or complete tooth loss. The entire mouth can be outfitted with implants using anywhere between four and six implants. This reduces the recovery time and reduces the overall costs as well.

Most dental plans will cover implants to the same extent as they will cover dentures. This means that it’s worth an inquiry with the dentist’s office to see what the costs of implants are and what the out of pocket expense would be for you if you have dental insurance of one kind or another. If your insurance will cover it, you may not be spending that much more for them – and you can have a better smile.

The smile is the main reason why people want the dental implants – it provides a natural appearance.

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Hi! thank you so much for your response. yes, she has partials right now. she has 4 teeth on the upper and 8 on the lower remaining. i took her to 10 different dentists/prosthodontists and they all say that the teeth are bad and are infected and have to go. we are looking at implant-supported dentures. for the upper, probably 4 implants with an overdenture that is mostly palatless, but with a bar. for the lower, probably 4 implants, removable denture. unless someone convinces me that the fixed denture on the lower is the way to go. also, do we have the number of implants right? i know the more the better, but at some point very soon, I'll be broke

Re: dentures/implants

I am not a super expert here. I've done a few implant-supported overdentures. Let me tell you about one of my failures.
The periodontist placed 2 fixtures in the lower jaw in the canine region, and we used "O" ring attachments--they're relatively cheap, easy, work well, and don't overstress the fixtures.
Nevertheless, 2 years later both fixtures failed. In these situations you usually don't know why, but the periodontist presumed that the fixtures were overstressed, and 4 fixtures would be better. Now, I'm already working up a schvitz, because the patient is a lawyer (super nice guy, I have to say), and amazingly he was willing to have 4 fixtures placed


You need to ask people around you that have dentures and have no problems with them. If it is a full plate on the bottom, I guess that will be a nightmare. I don't know why there has not been a solution to this problem yet. This new idea of implants is only for the rich and famous. I have a full upper plate and I have had no problems. It took years to find a dentist who could fix the upper plate to look natural without the big bump out. I was told it was because I had an overbite but now it has been fixed by another dentist.I still have a few teeth on the bottom to attach a partial. Good luck and ask, ask, ask

Implants are a tool

...that can be used in a variety of ways. Most people will think of replacing natural teeth with implant-retained crowns. But this is very involved, expensive work and often difficult or impossible in a jaw which has been toothless for 10 years.
However, implants can also be used as an aid in retaining full dentures (almost always lower dentures, which have less natural suction than an upper).
You can google "lower overdenture" and find examples of this kind of application, which can make a great improvement in denture function.
S. Bornfeld, DDS

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