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False Teeth - Dentures and The Effects of Poor Fitting Dentures

The following dental information pages answers many of your questions on complete and partial dentures.

What are dentures?

Dentures are artificial substitutes used to replace all or some of the lost teeth and adjoining tissues to maintain function, health and esthetics of the tissues. So in simple words dentures help replace lost teeth.

Why are teeth lost?

Teeth are lost due to a number of causes. The two main reasons for loss of teeth are dental decay and periodontal diseases (gum diseases). Both dental decay and gum diseases are a result of poor oral hygiene.

Is it necessary to replace lost teeth?

It is very important to replace lost natural teeth. Loss of teeth affects chewing of food and also affects the esthetics of the person by altering the lip and cheek appearance. When a lost tooth is not replaced there is a tendency for the adjacent and opposing teeth to move into the space left by the lost teeth. Thus the person's occlusion or bite is altered. In addition the loss of teeth causes shrinkage of the bone at that area. To avoid all these problems it is advisable to replace lost teeth by artificial dentures.

What are the different types of dentures?

Dentures are broadly classified as partial and complete dentures. Complete dentures replace all the teeth while partial dentures replace a few teeth. Partial dentures can be again classified as removable partial dentures and fixed partial dentures. Removable partial dentures replace a few teeth and are designed to be removed and replaced by the patient. The fixed partial dentures also replace a few teeth but cannot be removed by the patient. A new type of denture gaining popularity is the Implant retained denture that can be used to replace some or all teeth. This type of denture comprises of metallic implants that are embedded into the bone and give support for artificial teeth.

How long do I need to wait after extraction of teeth to get my dentures?

It is advisable to wait for at least 4 weeks after the extraction of teeth before the dentist can initiate the process of denture construction. This gives sufficient time for the extraction wound to heal and for the underlying bone to remodel.

What is a complete denture?

A complete denture is a dental prosthesis that replaces all the teeth and contiguous oral tissues in order to help restore the function, health and the appearance of the patient. Complete dentures can be made for the lost upper and the lower teeth. Under certain circumstances only the upper or the lower denture is made and this is called a single denture. Complete dentures fabricated before the extraction of the teeth and inserted soon after the extraction are called immediate complete dentures.

What are dentures made of?

All dentures are made of a denture base and teeth. The denture base is usually made of acrylic resin, which is usually colored pink to resemble the oral gum tissues. Sometimes the base can also be made of metals such as chromium cobalt alloy or certain titanium alloys. The teeth are made of acrylic resins, which is the most preferred, or porcelain. Teeth are available in various sizes, forms and colors to suit the needs of the patients.

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Help getting full dentures with healthy teeth?

I've got a relatively healthy mouth of teeth. Ok, I don't floss all that often, but do brush and my teeth are in pretty good condition.
However, I'd like to get dentures. Putting aside rationale, any recommendations on how to work that out? Dentists (for good reason, yeah yeah) don't seem to want to do them except as a last resort.
2 for 1 - any dental surgeons who would be willing to give me a complete set of dentures and bill my insurance?
Thanks for advice, etc. :)

The beginning of the end for dentures?

Scientists have successfully grown and implanted new teeth from stem cells. Of course, the teeth are only available to rats for the moment, but maybe someday we'll be able to grow a new tooth when a permanent tooth is extracted.

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