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Mini Dental Implants & Cost  October 19, 2012 – 06:52 am

How Mini Dental Implants Work

There are two main pieces, with one of them being the actual mini dental implant dentures and the other being the implant itself. The implant is a miniature titanium rod that has two ends. The first end is a screw and the other end is a ball shape that allows it to connect into the actual dentures. The titanium dental implant is one solid piece for additional sturdiness.

The dentures feature a socket connect on the base, that fit directly with the ball-shaped head of the implants. The dentures also feature a rubber o-ring that create the proper force in order to hold the implants in place. This suction allows you to still talk and eat like normal without the dentures being forced off. In order to remove the dentures, all you need to do is to apply more force than usually, and that will enable you to remove the dentures safely.

Mini Dental Implants vs Traditional Dental Implants

While researching, you may not fully realize the difference between mini dental implants and the traditionally used dental implants. Obviously, as the name implies, one of the major differences is size. While a traditional implant is between 4mm and 5.75mm in size, the mini plants are just 2mm in size. This makes installation of them easier than the traditional ones, and it also allows them to be implanted on narrower areas that were previously hard to access with traditional implants. Some mini dental implant companies will only install the mini dental implants, but some will install the traditional implants as well. There are less reported problems with dental implant surgery when dealing with miniature dental implants as well, so that is something to be considered.

Mini Dental Implant Installation

When it comes to surgical procedures, we can sometimes become hesitant because of the very nature of them. If you have had to have any other type of dental surgery, then you can kind of know what to expect, but the mini implants dental procedure is not bad at all.

Here are some of the details about the installation surgery:

  • Single stage procedure (whereas the traditional method is two stage),
  • The procedure takes only about 2 hours or less,
  • The surgery is only minimally invasive, and there is no gum cutting and you won't need to have any stitches removed.
  • A pilot hole is first drilled into the jaw bone,
  • The implant is screwed in so that only the the ball top is showing.

Denture Stabilization with Mini Dental Implants

Often times, dentures that have been installed previously get loose pretty easily, especially over time, and this can cause a problem for the denture wearer, like when trying to eat or carry on a long conversation. Luckily, mini dental implants can help. They'll create a socket in the dentures, and make one, maybe two implants with the MDIs, and use those in order to provide better stabilization for the loose dentures.

Cost of Mini Dental Implants

One of the first things that comes to people's mind when it comes to surgical procedures and dental procedures is the cost. Since MDI's are in both categories, it can definitely cause you to pause for a second and consider if they are right for you. Many of the people who are interested in the mini dental implants price are on a fixed income. Usually this income pays for just enough of your bills, and so adding additional costs and burdens to an already burdened income can be tough.


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Mini dental implants for dentures

i just took my mom for a dental consulation for flexible partials- but partials are not possible as all her remaining teeth are loose and need to be removed.
this same reccomendation was advised 2 years ago by another dentist. she wasn't ready then and is still reluctant now.
they suggested implants but the quote with a senior discount was over $32,000! for a hybrid implant/denture for both upper and lower.
i called to usc and ucla-both are full and not taking anymore clients for at least 2-3 mos.
read about mini implants- lower cost, pain a

Regardless of cost, I'd suggest not pulling the

Tooth. I made that mistake years ago, and I've spent over $8,000 in the past couple of years making up for it, and I'm not done yet. No tooth root in the jawbone means the bone deteriorates - which means teeth next to the pulled one become loose and need to be pulled - which means the jawbone there starts to deteriorate, and the the teeth next to that get loose, and so on and so on and so on. In order to preserve the bone that's left, I've had to get mini-implants, which are not cheap. Regular implants are a lot more. And trust me, dentures are not nearly as good as your regular teeth!

At the risk of

...opening a can of worms, I'll attempt an answer.
If you're wearing full upper and lower dentures now and have been told you have enough bone for replacement of all teeth, you are very lucky. But this is usually very demanding treatment (both for you and the dentists) and often this is best dealt with by prosthodontists for the restorative work. These guys get the big bucks, but trying to do this type of treatment on the cheap can be a big mistake. There are a lot of volume operations out there trying to bang out the work with mini-implants. These are far less expensive to place, but don't have the long-term record of success that traditional implants have

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