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Controlling variables in implant placement

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​What are implant supported removable dentures?
Implant supported removable dentures are fully removable dentures that are supported and attached to an implant by either a ball or bar attachment. An implant provides a stable base for dentures without the need for dental adhesive.This results in a much more satisfactory outcome for denture wearers with regard to look, feel and overall security of their dentures. Dental implant supported removable dentures are used when the patient doesn't have any teeth left, but is able to support the implants in the jaw bone.

A typical dental implant is a small screw or cylinder made from titanium alloys. It is surgically embedded into the jaw bone to act as a replacement 'root' of a tooth. Eventually, implants fuse with the bone in a process known as 'osseointegration' and will become strong enough to support implant supported removable dentures.

Description of Procedure
Implant surgery is generally a two-stage process, usually carried out under a local anesthetic. However, if a patient is particularly anxious, or undergoing other treatment, such as a bone graft, then a general anesthetic may be used. During surgery, a small cut is made in the gum and a drill is used to make a hole in the jawbone. The implant is then fitted into the hole. In some cases, it may be possible to position an implant directly into the cavity of a tooth that has just been removed. This is called an immediate implant. However, the majority of implants are usually inserted long after a tooth has been removed and these delayed implants require a new hole to be made in the jawbone. After the implant has been fitted the gum is usually stitched over it so that it cannot be seen in the mouth. It is then left for 3 - 6 months to heal. During this time a patient will usually have fitted temporary removable dentures.

After the required healing time, a second procedure follows in which the incision is opened up to allow access to the implant. A cap is fitted over the end of the implant which is then ready to receive implant supported removable dentures.

Advantages of implant supported removable dentures
For patients who are worried about loose dentures, or who simply want a long-term supporting structure for their dentures, dental implant supported removable dentures are more secure and comfortable than traditional dentures, and the look and feel of implant supported removable dentures is esthetically pleasing. The ability to take pleasure in the simple things in life, such as eating and speaking, is greatly improved and sore spots or pressure points are not an issue with implant supported removable dentures as they may be with traditional dentures. Furthermore, facial structure is maintained as implants prevent bone loss that occurs when teeth are missing.

Disadvantages of implant supported removable dentures
The disadvantages of implant supported removable dentures is the extensive surgery and the long healing process. Implants are not suitable for every patient and adequate health assessments must be given to each patient before commencement of any treatment. Although implant supported removable dentures are a vast improvement in comparison with traditional dentures, the cost is far greater. Finally, there is always the possibility that the implant will fail.


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Mini dental implants for dentures

i just took my mom for a dental consulation for flexible partials- but partials are not possible as all her remaining teeth are loose and need to be removed.
this same reccomendation was advised 2 years ago by another dentist. she wasn't ready then and is still reluctant now.
they suggested implants but the quote with a senior discount was over $32,000! for a hybrid implant/denture for both upper and lower.
i called to usc and ucla-both are full and not taking anymore clients for at least 2-3 mos.
read about mini implants- lower cost, pain a

Implant cost effectiveness

A nightmare for dentists and grist for kibitzers.
are implants “cost effective”?
how successful are implants for people that smoke?
what about crown extensions instead of implants.
how about partials?
what about retainers for teeth above the missing lower teeth?
age 73. smoke about a pack and a half a day.
dental question involves lower right and everything behind the incisor.
first extraction in the area was in about 1951 and a wisdom tooth in
about 1953.
had root canals done on some of teeth in area.
had a bridge that ran from just behind incisor to rear molar


I started getting implants as my teeth went bad.
The cost was $1,600.each implant - this included an intravenous anesthestic (you need that when they take the roots out.)
Now some places that focused on dentures are doing implants too. I have more info on this. Will you let me know if you are interested in hearing it please?
one of the well known denture places now doing implants is - AFFORDABLE DENTURES. They advertise on TV.

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