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Price Of Replacing A Bridge Or Denture  July 2, 2015 – 11:46 am
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Extractions range in cost from $175 to $275ea. The placement of the titanium post (the dental implant) varies from $1, 600 to $2, 650ea for multiple sites. Mini implants are $500ea. Bone grafts (if necessary) are $250 to $450ea. Restoring the dental implants with an implant denture is $1, 500 to $3, 500ea. In certain cases, additional procedures may be required such as guided tissue regenerations or sinus elevations. Our office accepts all PPO insurance plans and offers financing options for credit qualified patients.


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Mini dental implants for dentures

i just took my mom for a dental consulation for flexible partials- but partials are not possible as all her remaining teeth are loose and need to be removed.
this same reccomendation was advised 2 years ago by another dentist. she wasn't ready then and is still reluctant now.
they suggested implants but the quote with a senior discount was over $32,000! for a hybrid implant/denture for both upper and lower.
i called to usc and ucla-both are full and not taking anymore clients for at least 2-3 mos.
read about mini implants- lower cost, pain a

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