Cost of implant Dentures

Denture Implant Treatment Options at Brookswood Clinic  June 16, 2015 – 08:19 am
Bar Overdenture
  • Fixed or fixed removable
  • Implant retained and supported
  • No transition phase (implants & temporary denture inserted on the same day)
  • Approx. 6 months healing phase then permanent final denture fabricated
  • Smaller prosthetic size
  • Maximum stability and retention

Available For Lower Arches Only

The Denture That Fits Your Lifestyle

Approximately 21% of all Canadians are completely or partially edentulous: missing some or all of their teeth. This is a common condition. Nevertheless, the gum resorption that results from wearing a complete dental prosthesis is all too often a source of discomfort to the patient. Consider just the difficulty involved in chewing or the abrasion that develops as the loose denture rubs against the gum. The denture wearers' quality of life can be gravely affected.

Fortunately,oral implantology has advanced to the point that it can remedy the major problems that result when one loses all one’s teeth. The tremendous popularity of implants has largely been the result of people living longer and their desire to fulfill a lifestyle with the greatest possible pleasure.

What is a dental implant?

Dental implants are medically pure titanium devices that are placed into the jawbone.Conventional DentureThey act as an anchor to provide a solid base for artificial tooth placement. Implants can secure from one tooth (crown) to several teeth replacing a full upper or lower denture. Dental implants are usually performed under local anesthesia by a dental surgeon specializing in implantology.

Who is a good candidate
for dental implants?

Anyone in reasonable health who wants to replace missing teeth; those who are dissatisfied with their current denture; those people who would like to eat better and with more comfort,smile more frequently and feel more secure when they talk and laugh.

Age should not be a deterrent. If the treatment is properly planned, the surgery accomplished following accepted rules of practice,the prosthesis fabricated correctly and properly maintained by the patient,success rates are in excess of 98%. In the majority of situations,only one or two implants are required.

Patients that have had implants placed eat better,eat foods that they have been denied before,are more comfortable when they eat,and don’t have to use adhesives to retain their dentures. They can talk and laugh without feeling self-conscious and without fear of their dentures slipping out. All these improvements make people with dentures feel better about themselves increasing their self-confidence while improving their social and business lives.

Fixed Denture
Bar Overdenture

Available For Upper
& Lower Arches

  • Removable
  • Implant retained and supported
  • Immediate load over implants
  • 4 months healing phase then new dentures or permanent reline with denture attachments
  • Conventional denture size
  • Improved stability and retention vs. 2 O Ring
2 O-Ring
  • Removable
  • Implant retained,soft tissue supported
  • Not immediate load; 2 stage surgery,4 months healing period
  • Conventional denture size
  • Improved retention vs. conventional dentures
Conventional Denture
  • Removable
  • Tissue supported
  • Large denture size
  • Difficulty eating / poor digestion
  • Potential for sore spots
  • Social limitations due to lack of stability in the fit
  • Can lead to bone loss


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Implant cost effectiveness

A nightmare for dentists and grist for kibitzers.
are implants “cost effective”?
how successful are implants for people that smoke?
what about crown extensions instead of implants.
how about partials?
what about retainers for teeth above the missing lower teeth?
age 73. smoke about a pack and a half a day.
dental question involves lower right and everything behind the incisor.
first extraction in the area was in about 1951 and a wisdom tooth in
about 1953.
had root canals done on some of teeth in area.
had a bridge that ran from just behind incisor to rear molar


I was thinking of getting dentures replaced by a completely implanted appliance. I've had the rundown on how it works, where they put screws in to the bone top and bottom (and have been told my bone and gums are great for this kind of thing) but I was wondering if anyone that looked into or had this done can tell me what a reasonable price for this is? I kind of have an idea of what an unreasonable price is... I'm interested in cost for complete or partial or even single tooth. And any insurance info/ tips, if you are lucky enough to have any is appreciated.
T. I. A.

I went to Mexico for dental implants-good choice

Crowns DO come off---have to be careful with them. My days of biting into an apple or corn were over long ago, due to front caps, but I found a GREAT way to get all of your work done at a fraction of the US costs. 26 crowns and a number of root canals, a dental implant, under $6,000. My dentist here said I HAD TO get dentures or implants, estimate for implants $46,000 to $58,000. Cost for THAT in Mexico was $20,000 but when I got there, he said I did NOT need implants. He could have taken my $20K and done the work---I would not have known. Email me if you want info. This one came highly recommended to me, and is just two blocks across the American border at Progresso


I started getting implants as my teeth went bad.
The cost was $1,600.each implant - this included an intravenous anesthestic (you need that when they take the roots out.)
Now some places that focused on dentures are doing implants too. I have more info on this. Will you let me know if you are interested in hearing it please?
one of the well known denture places now doing implants is - AFFORDABLE DENTURES. They advertise on TV.

First off,

...sorry for the delay getting back.
I have not done a great many implant-retained overdentures, so I am basing my answers both on personal experience and what I've heard and read.
Lower overdentures (uppers are done far less frequently, because most people do OK with regular FU dentures. The only real indication for a full upper overdenture is with a severe gagger where the patient can't tolerate the palatal extension)--usually have between 2 and 4 implant fixtures. Several years back, one of the favored designs was the Hader bar:

TePe TePe Interdental Brushes 0.45 mm, Orange (Pack of 2)
Health and Beauty (TePe)
  • Plastic-coated wire, makes it safe to use on tooth surface, implants and orthodontic appliances
  • Color coded sizes
  • Pink, 0.4 mm is the smallest plastic-coated size in the USA
  • Small and middle-sized brushes with flexible G2 neck
  • Cap can be used as cover to protect brush or as extension handle

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