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Low Cost Dentures and Mini Dental Implants  November 6, 2012 – 11:12 am
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Mini Dental Implants & Low Cost Dentures

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The teeth are as indispensable to the human experience as walking or talking. And for those person’s who have lost their teeth the only real solution has always been dentures. The denture is supposed to return your mouth to its normal state where eating, conversation and smiling are not difficult.
But as almost anyone dealing with dentures daily will tell you, this is rarely the case. As a dentist, I have seen first hand, the ill effects poor fitting dentures can have on a person’s confidence and self-image.

Mini Dental Implants and Dentures - A Happy Couple

For many patients, the negative impact of poorly fitting dentures can range from a fear of smiling to being unsure of what you can eat without complications. And all of this is compounded by having to deal with messy denture adhesives. It is for this reason that I would like to introduce you to and discuss the Mini Dental Implant and how this device is revolutionizing what it means to be a denture wearer.

Why Do Dentures Have to be So Difficult to Wear?

Every year in the United States there are more than one and one-half million new sets of dentures made. This means that every year the same issues associated with denture wearing affects an entirely new group of people. In fact, one out of every five adults, including over half of those 55 and older, has at least one denture, which brings the denture-wearing portion of our country to roughly forty-million.
In an effort to understand this, there was a five year study conducted that revealed how poorly fitting dentures can lead to poor nutrition and injury to the digestive system and a drop in activity levels. Many of the issues surrounding poorly fitting dentures are directly linked to an inability to chew food comfortably or normally, which leads to digestive issues, decreased comfort in social settings and self-esteem problems.1

Imagine No More Denture Adhesive!

But now the fear and frustration associated with the traditional denture can be eliminated when patients choose mini implants. The truth is, other than the heart, your mouth is the most active body part you have. On average, the jaw opens and closes 2, 000 to 3, 000 times a day2 in order for you to bite food, chew gum, drink, laugh and talk. And each of these activities challenges the ‘normal’ adhesives used to hold dentures in your mouth.


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Don't use Bleach!

Much too caustic. May damage the plastic, and almost certainly some will be retained by the denture and irritate the gums.
Much better is soaking in vinegar, which will gradually loosen up the tartar on the denture.
Denture patients should be examined by the dentist even without teeth--to check the fit, and to check the soft tissue health. This is particularly important for tobacco users.
I have a solution that is sold for use in ultrasonic cleaners--removes tartar and stain in maybe 10-15 minutes--very effective. Most dentists should have this ability. And while I charge for the checkup, I don't charge for cleaning the dentures (and I'd bet many other dentists wouldn't either)

Generic Cordless Sonic Cleaner
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