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Anyone who wears dentures knows that denture cleaner isn't exactly cheap, especially name brands that work extremely well. They work fast to remove food particles and stains, and they're quality products, but they're not very affordable, especially for those on a fixed income. Some people consider store-bought products too costly and look for homemade alternatives, and others want homemade denture cleaner because they don't want to use products containing unfamiliar ingredients. I for one would rather use homemade products to save money, and although I don't wear dentures, I like to know exactly what I'm using whenever possible.

Consider the following homemade denture cleaners if you want whiter cleaner dentures for far less than store-bought denture cleaning products. These homemade denture cleaners are recommended by denture wearers, and they're highly effective. You'll be amazed by how well they work, and you'll save a great deal of money in the long run!

Peroxide Soak

Peroxide is great for a number of cleaning purposes, and it's very inexpensive considering how well it works. A bottle of hydrogen peroxide can be found for less than a dollar at most discount stores, and it's one of the best homemade denture cleaners available. It whitens, cleans, and successfully brightens dentures.

My grandmother was advised by her dentist to soak her dentures in full strength hydrogen peroxide, and this is her method of choice for cleaning and whitening her full set of dentures. She pours peroxide into her denture cup, and this homemade remedy does just as good or better than expensive store-bought products. She has always used peroxide and has never wasted money on expensive denture cleaning products.

Baking Soda and Vinegar

If you want a homemade denture cleaning product that foams and bubbles like store-bought tablets, use a mixture of baking soda and vinegar. Place a teaspoon of baking soda in the bottom of the denture cup, place the dentures in the cup, and slowly add enough white vinegar to cover them. Allow them to soak overnight, and rinse and brush as usual before wearing. If only real teeth were this easy to clean!

Bleach Water Soak

One part bleach to two parts water is the right combination for whiting and brightening dentures. This homemade mixture was recommended by a dentist, and it works very well to remove stains and kill germs on dentures. Allow them to soak overnight or as long as necessary to clean, deodorize, whiten, and sanitize dentures. You'll be happy with the results you achieve with this homemade alternative to store-bought cleaning products, and you'll save a considerable amount of money. These days, every penny counts!

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You need to ask people around you that have dentures and have no problems with them. If it is a full plate on the bottom, I guess that will be a nightmare. I don't know why there has not been a solution to this problem yet. This new idea of implants is only for the rich and famous. I have a full upper plate and I have had no problems. It took years to find a dentist who could fix the upper plate to look natural without the big bump out. I was told it was because I had an overbite but now it has been fixed by another dentist.I still have a few teeth on the bottom to attach a partial. Good luck and ask, ask, ask

Affordable Dentures

I used a high priced "normal" dentist and OS to get all but 6 teeth removed and dentures placed. The fit from them was "iffy" at best. I then went to Affordable Dentures (in Winchester VA) to get my permanent ones and the fit is AWESOME and the price was even better. It is amazing to me that what took my "normal dentist" 8 weeks to get back with such an ill fit was achieved in one DAY at AD with a perfect fit....to top it off, I paid less for my full upper and partial lower by HALF of what I was going to pay for just the upper alone. AD is a "big box" type of deal, but dentures are all they do

Cusil dentures

Does anyone know a dentist in the los angeles area that makes cusil dentures?
my mom has a partial that she hates- the metal claps hurt her and she doesn't want to deal with them anymore, ie have them adjusted.
she has about 5-10 teeth left on both upper and lower.
cusil dentures seem ideal- lets her keep her current teeth and can become full dentures later on.
i did some research on cusil dentures, but nothing comes up for los angeles.
also, what is the costs? i thought of finding a manufacturer out of state and providing the information for a local dentist here.

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