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How Affordable Dentures Started

The first Affordable Dentures dental practice opened in 1975 in Kinston, North Carolina when founding dentists, Dr. George Edwards, Jr., and Dr. Donald Henson, saw a growing need in their community for dentures and tooth extractions at affordable fees.

Same-Day Dentures

Our founders also discovered how important it was to provide immediate dentures with same-day service, especially for patients who had traveled great distances, or for those who were taking time off work to get treatment. Same-day service made the practices very unique. To this day, every affiliated practice has its own on-site denture lab to offer efficient, convenient dental care for its patients.

Continuing to Grow

With almost 200 affiliated practices in 39 states, practice owners benefit from the clinical and technical experiences they are able to share as a network of dental caregivers. More than six million patients have received services from the affiliated practices providing Affordable Dentures.

The Mission

Even though each practice is individually owned and operated by a licensed, general dentist, and some policies may differ from practice to practice, every affiliated practice has a common goal:

To provide affordable denture services and dental care that are delivered with compassion, dignity and respect for all patients.


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First Draft: Unclear

No offense, but I'm genuinely suprised how many postiive comments to this submission you've received. You seem like you really want to write well, but having a booster squat reinforce your bad habits will not accomplish this. It's dedicated writers and editors that make great writing happen, not loving family members.
You mention that this is based on actual events; that's how it reads. There are an aweful lot of details that remain in your head when you write this stuff down; many beginning memoirists do this. When you read it back to yourself you're unaware what details might be missing because you already know them by heart

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