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Denture Services Mesquite, TX | Denture Services Located in Mesquite | Affordable Dentures  April 29, 2013 – 07:56 am
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Method of Payment

Payment for service is required after you see the dentist and a treatment plan is approved based on your clinical needs. This practice accepts: .


Financing is available through Care Credit. To pre-qualify for dental services you can click on the link below and complete their on line application forms. Care Credit's approval response is provided very quickly. Subject to credit approval. Minimum monthly payments required. See store for details.

Click here to apply for Care Credit.

Insurance Information

Practice Accepts BC/BS TX - DNoA and Delta Dental PPO/Premier


If you have dental insurance through a carrier not accepted at this practice, an appropriate dental walk out statement will be provided so you can file your claim directly with your insurance carrier.

Be assured you will save money by filing the claim yourself. Affordable Dentures fees are so low, the total cost for the services you will receive at this location are likely less than the co-pay you will be required to pay at most other general dentistry practices. The practice staff can help you calculate the costs so you can make the best decision.


Temptooth Temptooth Do It Yourself Tooth Replacement Product
Health and Beauty (Temptooth)
  • Easy to do with step by step instructions
  • No complicated mixing trays or costly alginates
  • No adhesives or dental cement needed
  • You create your own tooth in a matter of minutes
  • Material is non toxic and biodegradable

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Affordable dentures clinic bakersfield- WARNING!

The dentist at affordable dentures clinic in bakersfield is totally unprofessional and doesn't care about the client.
be warned, we were treated badly by the dentist - he got angry when i simply questioned his treatment plan. "you've no right to question my treatment plan, i'm the dentist"
my mom had extractions and immediates placed about 3 months ago. the teeth were not placed midline so they looked "off". the dentist at the time said she'd get new ones to correct their mistake. she tolerated them for the swelling and healing to take place for these 3 months.


Sorry, I thought this forum was from local people. I guess not. The loop (our major highway) is not near you. Other thoughts are to see if there is a dental school near you. Also, check out the yellow pages. There are some chain dentist offices that have multiple locations. The one near me is affordable dentures. I know they have nationwide offices. No, I am not a commercial for them, don't work for them, and not a dentist. Just trying to help you out. They do post their prices on-line, though. You can call up any dentist office and ask them how much it costs if you pay cash. Some dentist and doctors offices give discounts for up front cash payment because they don't have to hassle with insurance

D.o.c. Denture Repair Kit D.o.c. Denture Repair Kit Repairs Broken Dentures. Fix Breaks, Mend Cracks, Replace Loose Teeth, 11-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 6)
Health and Beauty (D.o.c. Denture Repair Kit)
  • Denture Repair Kit repairs broken dentures
  • Also, fix breaks, mend cracks, replace loose teeth
  • It comes as a pack of 6
Imako Cosmetic Teeth Large (Color: Natural)
Home (Imako)
  • Color: Natural
  • For a beautiful smile without expensive trips to the dentist
  • Hides gaps and crooked teeth
  • Won t affect speaking
  • Fits securely and comfortably
  • Size: Large 1 5/16 in

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