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My Dentist in Shawnee Mission Kansas provides Affordable Dental Care  May 23, 2013 – 12:25 pm
Affordable Dental Implants, Mini-Implant Dentures, Implant

One of two cities in Kansas to be designated a Bicycle Friendly Community by the American League of Bicyclists, there are thousands of miles of on-street lanes, share-the-road lanes, and off-street bike trails in Shawnee KS. When it comes to staying active, if you can think of it, you can do it in Shawnee KS. When it comes to staying in good dental health, you can find what you need at the Shawnee My Dentist, located at 7450 Quivira Road, Shawnee Mission.

Once you're at the My Dentist Office, getting the expert, affordable dental care you need is easy. The Shawnee KS My Dentist offers patients affordable dentists providing dental services like: pediatric dentistry, affordable dentures, partial dentures, dental implants, orthodontics, braces, wisdom teeth extraction, one-day crowns, costmetic dentistry including Invisalign cosmetic braces, endodontic root canals, periodontal scaling and cleaning, lumineers and more.

Finding dentures that fit your budget as well as they fit you is easy too. After getting affordable dentures at My Dentist in Shawnee, you'll forget you're wearing them.

Treatment from expert dentists at the Shawnee My Dentist is not only affordable, payment is easy at the My Dentist in Shawnee. My Dentist accepts all forms of insurance. If you don't carry dental insurance, My Dentist offers a wide range of financing, including 0% financing with approved credit, along with major credit cards, including American Express®, Discover Card®, MasterCard® and VISA®.

Office hours are Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM. Drop by to schedule your next appointment, or call us now at (913) 396-9510 for more information about professional, affordable dentists at My Dentist in Shawnee, then schedule your appointment. The sooner you get started, the sooner your lifetime of excellent dental health can begin.

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Temptooth Temptooth Do It Yourself Tooth Replacement Product
Health and Beauty (Temptooth)
  • Easy to do with step by step instructions
  • No complicated mixing trays or costly alginates
  • No adhesives or dental cement needed
  • You create your own tooth in a matter of minutes
  • Material is non toxic and biodegradable

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Affordable Dentures Update
Affordable Dentures Update

Need affordable dentist for new dentures

I lost all my teeth when I was very young, and now the ones I have are so worn down they broke while I was chewing Italian bread. I made an appointment with a dentures dentist and just left there in shock -- they wanted $7,500 to make new dentures.
Does anyone know of a dentist who would do this for under $2000?

Affordable dentures clinic bakersfield- WARNING!

The dentist at affordable dentures clinic in bakersfield is totally unprofessional and doesn't care about the client.
be warned, we were treated badly by the dentist - he got angry when i simply questioned his treatment plan. "you've no right to question my treatment plan, i'm the dentist"
my mom had extractions and immediates placed about 3 months ago. the teeth were not placed midline so they looked "off". the dentist at the time said she'd get new ones to correct their mistake. she tolerated them for the swelling and healing to take place for these 3 months.

Affordable Dentures

I used a high priced "normal" dentist and OS to get all but 6 teeth removed and dentures placed. The fit from them was "iffy" at best. I then went to Affordable Dentures (in Winchester VA) to get my permanent ones and the fit is AWESOME and the price was even better. It is amazing to me that what took my "normal dentist" 8 weeks to get back with such an ill fit was achieved in one DAY at AD with a perfect top it off, I paid less for my full upper and partial lower by HALF of what I was going to pay for just the upper alone. AD is a "big box" type of deal, but dentures are all they do

My father has dentures

On the top and the bottom and doesn't have any implants to hold them in place nor does he have the issue of movement or sores. If your dentist does his job properly and fits you properly, you should have very little to no denture problems. I also have several friend who have dentures and not one of them has had a dentist sugget that they get implants to help with the denture placement. None of these friends have ever complained about their dentures either. I think you need to find another dentist and get a second or even a third opinion. Call "Affordable Dentures" and ask their opinion as if people need implants to wear dentures on the top or the bottom

D.o.c. Denture Repair Kit D.o.c. Denture Repair Kit Repairs Broken Dentures. Fix Breaks, Mend Cracks, Replace Loose Teeth, 11-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 6)
Health and Beauty (D.o.c. Denture Repair Kit)
  • Denture Repair Kit repairs broken dentures
  • Also, fix breaks, mend cracks, replace loose teeth
  • It comes as a pack of 6
Imako Cosmetic Teeth Large (Color: Natural)
Home (Imako)
  • Color: Natural
  • For a beautiful smile without expensive trips to the dentist
  • Hides gaps and crooked teeth
  • Won t affect speaking
  • Fits securely and comfortably
  • Size: Large 1 5/16 in

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