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Yes, you can have teeth  July 3, 2015 – 12:02 pm
Affordable dentures chicago. Chicago, IL

Going toothless is never a good idea. It's embarrassing, inconvenient, and may frighten small children – not to mention the challenges of simple tasks like eating or speaking. For your health, happiness, and peace of mind you really can't afford not to replace missing teeth. Of course, your budget doesn't care about those issues, so you are probably wondering, "are dentures affordable?" Chicago: the answer is "Yes!" At Big Smile Dental, you can afford a big, beautiful smile.

Denture options

If you are one of our regular patients, you already know that we aim to please. Therefore, we offer as many quality options as possible to meet your needs.

If several or all of your teeth are missing, you can choose a traditional, removable denture. We provide both full denture plates and partial dentures. These are not your grandmother's false teeth. The materials used today are better than ever, and look just like real teeth – yet they are economical. This is a beautiful option for anyone on a tight budget.

For greater stability, convenience, and comfort we also offer implant-supported dentures. Although the cost is greater, dental implants are considered a one-time investment. With great oral hygiene and regular dental visits, they should last a lifetime.

Payment options

We are in this business because we love smiles, and we want to put one on your face. That is why we offer flexible payment options, to ensure your new smile will fit nicely into your budget.

  • Insurance – Many dental insurance plans cover all or part of the cost for dentures. We accept most insurance, and we'll be happy to help you with the paperwork.
  • Financing – Interest free financing for one year is available for qualifying patients.
  • Pre-pay – If you plan to pay in full, ask about our generous 5% discount. Senior citizens can qualify for a 10% discount.
  • Payment methods – For your convenience, we accept all major credit cards as well as cash.
You don't have to live with uncomfortable dentures or no teeth at all. You have a whole team of talented, experienced cosmetic dentists ready and waiting to create the smile of your dreams. Go ahead and eat, talk, laugh, live your life and love your smile!

Call today at 773-772-8400 and schedule an appointment to find out the best option for a smile that fits your style – and your budget.

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Affordable denture clinic in bakersfield

Does anyone have any experience- positive or negative about affordable denture clinic in bakersfield?
they are a franchise specializing in making dentures fast and affordable. i figure since this is what they do day in day out, it ought to be done well, but as with everything, depends upon the individual running the pracitice.
i've heard good things from others who have used AD in other states but can't find an opinion regarding the bakersfield office.
checked with bbb- no complaints logged.


...$7K sounds about right. Implants are very expensive, and I don't see them getting significantly less expensive in the foreseeable future.
15 or 20 years ago we likely wouldn't even be talking about implants.
You should be clear about this--you are referring to an OVERDENTURE--the implants have attachments that help to retain the denture. But they do come out (and SHOULD come out) to clean after eating, and out at night.
There are certainly clinic-type operations that will be significantly less expensive. You should beware though--many of these low-ball facilities place mini-implants rather than standard implants, and IMO you are taking a significantly higher risk of failure with these minis

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